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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Oct 08

It’s Sunday—Surgery is Wednesday.


I spent a little time looking at pictures of post-surgical incisions, just to get used to the concept.  I may not be ready, but I won’t be surprised.


I also looked at a number of videos of tripawd dogs walking.  We’ve seen tripod greyhounds at various events we attend.  I have, anyway.  Fallon’s dad doesn’t notice, and we go to all the greyhound events together.  I guess this means they don’t stand out as much as one may think they might.


Made a wise purchase—got Three Legs and a Spare and Loving Life on Three Legs—the bonus pack.  Best $20 I have spent—believe me, we have big bills coming, but this was a greyt investment.  It’s provided all sorts of practical information, as well as links to important question-answering areas of the site.   I highly recommend these.


On Monday, chicken is on sale.  There will be more jerky!!  I’ll clean the kitchen soon, it’s easier to work in.  We fed all the jerky I made already.  We’ll save this until Fallon comes home from her surgery on Thursday.  I should also get some frozen yogurt.  That’s her favorite also.


I have hockey practice tonight.  I am going to go.  I’ve been trying to avoid live people–writing is easier than talking.  But I could use the exercise and the diversion, and I can’t hole up here at home forever.  I dread people asking how Fallon is.  I know they care.  I want them to know.  But I’m afraid I will cry.


It’s a little bittersweet.  We should have been at the beach this weekend, we would have been driving home today.  We canceled once Fallon’s diagnosis was solid.  This weekend there’s 2 events we (almost) never miss, a car one in Ocean City, MD and Greyhound Gathering in Dewey Beach, DE.  It’s been fun—and sad—to see all the pictures of amazing times posted on Facebook.  We’re lucky; we went with the grrrls to the beach in September—right before Fallon’s diagnosis.  She was limping at that point, so we drove to the beach rather than walk every day (our hotel is a block away).  Here is Fallon, bravely watching the other dogs have fun:

We have reservations to go back in the spring.  I envision Fallon on the beach on 3 legs, walking with us.

More to come…

4 comments so far

  1. benny55
    11:53 pm - 10-8-2017

    Fallon will be going to more Greyhound Events and getting lots more time at the Beach soon!! 🙂 she just needs to get rid of that bum keg first. She’ll be showing everyone how greyt Hreys do in three! 🙂

    As far as friends asking questions, I realized pretty quickly that few would understand my “plan of treatment” …aka “amlutation” and theynhear “chopping my dog’s leg off”! I became very private and guarded about my situation with Happy Hannah. I merely said I was pursing a tresrment plan that would give her THE best chance for a quality pain free life. I added that I had done my research, spoken with the professionals and am committed to doing whatever it takes ro help my Happy Hannah.

    People are so well intended but they have no cluewhat this jiurney entails and the research that is involved bedore we make “that” decision.

    So go jave a good rime at the Hockey game! Fallon wants you to! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. jesh
    6:16 pm - 10-9-2017

    You have done an excellent job preparing! I will say the first 2-3 weeks were hard for us getting used to a new normal.
    We, too, have an older dog. 9 year old Rottweiler. She is 3 months and 4 chemos out, and doing well.
    We travel 2 1/2 hours to Texas A&M vet school hospital for her chemo (and surgery). Our local vet sent us there. Peace of mind knowing you are giving your pup the best chance of a pain free life negate the long drives.
    Good luck Wednesday. You and Fallon will be in my thoughts

  3. jerry
    5:16 am - 10-10-2017

    Aww you guys are going to be SO amazed by Fallon. I know it’s shocking now but in time you’ll forget how worried you were about all this pre-surgery stuff. Fallon will do spectacular as Greyhounds do. Hang in there and keep us posted on how tomorrow goes OK?

    When recovery is behind you, Fallon will make you even prouder than you already are.

  4. hester
    11:50 pm - 10-10-2017

    I am so sorry you missed Dewey, but Fallon will reach the beach again when she is recovered – make it a priority!

    My boy was a sled dog Lurcher – he did so brilliantly as a tripod – people often did not notice. And the American Lurcher Rescue Project just had to have an amp for a young very Greyhound-y Lurcher with badly broken leg and Arthur has never looked back. So happy to be without that painful leg!


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