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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Oct 12

Fallon is taking a little longer to heal.  She has been uncomfortable and whiny.  She hasn’t eaten yet.  The surgery was only a tick more than 24 hours ago, the doctor told me some dogs pop right back, some take longer.  He is not worried.  I am worried.


I visited around lunchtime today and brought 3 of Fallon’s favorite treats, but while she seemed interested, she didn’t eat them.  I did see her walk today.  They are helping her with a harness right now, as she’s a little shaky, but she did really well.  She gets up and down greyt, as long as she’s on her correct side. We just cuddled on a blanket until I had to leave.


I’m going back at 9PM and bringing bacon and scrambled eggs.  I might stop for some deli meat.  I’m trying to think of other things she loves to eat.


She might come home tomorrow.  I hope she can.  I think she’ll make great gains at home.  She needs to eat and feel more comfy first.   I miss her.

Fallon and Maggie

More to come…

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  1. benny55
    2:40 am - 10-13-2017

    Put us in the “not worried” camp along with the Vet. It is absolutely perfectly “normal for some dogs to stay at the Vet for two to three nights. ESPECIALLY with larger dogs and more “sensitive” dogs. And actually, she’s really not in the “some dogs take longer” category. Everything you described is pretty much the “norm”. Now, some dogs do stay at the Vet a lot longer because it takes them four or five days to get mobile.

    It sounds like the lovely Miss Fallon is avle to get herself mobile. Sure, maybe she needs a little help and maybe she’s a little shakey, but she’ll master it soon. And she’s still very druggy!

    Let us know how the bacon and eggs go!

    Do get some good rest tonight. Yiu still may have a few eough nights ahead of you when she comes home.

    We’ll be watching fornupdates. And keep the pictures coming!! Love this one! Poor bunny doesn’t have a chance with these two! Fallin has a beautiful set of pearly whites!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    It’s also “normal” for dogs not to want to eat for several days after this major surgery.

  2. hester
    3:50 am - 10-13-2017

    Hoping she responded to the bacon and eggs and deli meat – shaved turkey was one of the things I brought in to the hospital for mine, too. My boy had a bit of a rough start post anesthesia – sighthounds are often a bit more sensitive to it. In particular, my boy did not seem to have much appetite when on the Fentanyl drip, but when I got him to eat a little at 24 hours, we discussed reducing the Fentanyl through that coming night and the next morning he was raring to go and get out of the cage and go out to pee. They could not believe the difference and his appetite was much improved too. Thinking of you and Fallon.


  3. Jesh
    12:31 pm - 10-13-2017

    So glad surgery went well. I agree with Lisa about the meds. I bet you see much improvement as they are reduced. When they reduced the IV meds on Bailey, they were shocked to see my pup standing up in her kennel within hours! She ate from that point on. Pain meds, even the oral ones can take a bit to get the right one, the right amount and control pain. She is doing well, just take care of yourself! Rest up for the next few weeks when she gets home.
    You are a prepper, and you’ve got this!

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