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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Oct 15

So far so good…Fallon’s fast asleep now, and I hope this portends good, comfy times to come for her.  Honestly, we were talking last night and it seems like a long time since we’ve seen her sleep so comfortably.  She’d lay down with her head up, eyes open, panting—she hurt.  Now the nasty bone is gone, and the surgery pain is something easier to deal with—and temporary.


I’m a little intimidated by the meds and treatments and the various times they need to be given.  I’m trying to work it out on paper so it makes sense and I don’t miss something important.  Then I’ll put alarms in my phone or something as reminders.  I’ll figure it out.  She’s on Tramadol up to 3 times a day, Previcox once daily, but the dose changes in 6 days, and Cephalexin twice daily, 2 different capsules to get the dose perfect for her.  Then she needs her incision examined, warm compress over the incision site and pads changed over the incision site, all these 4 times a day.  I’ll do those all together.  Her remaining front leg is swollen, and we’re to massage it at least twice a day.  She likes the leg massage a lot.  A friend with vet tech experience advised we elevate it. Will do


Over all, I’m personally overwhelmed, but Fallon’s pretty chill.  Biggest problem is her laying down, she will circle and circle for 20, 30, 40 minutes before she lays.  Once she’s down, she may land in a weird, uncomfortable looking shape.  Eventually it works itself out and she sleeps really soundly, really peacefully, and that’s been a long time coming.


Other aspects are going well.  She is eating awesome.  We’re supposed to double her food intake  for 2 weeks, and it doesn’t look like it will be a problem.  Maybe sister Maggie will get a round butt from all the extra treats.  She goes outside for peeing, walks pretty well—shaky sometimes, but gets where she needs to go.  We have one step to get in/out, she negotiates it like a champion.  I am impressed by her stability while peeing, she has this down.


Maggie clearly missed Fallon.  She has stuck close to her since she’s been back.


We’ll see how tonight goes.  We’ve made her a nice area downstairs, and I’ll sleep downstairs too for awhile.


It’s just good to have her home.

Fallon is asleep with a jerky in her mouth–maybe so Maggie wont steal it. Maggie has stuck close.

More to come…

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  1. rikntracy
    1:12 am - 10-15-2017

    I’m so glad she’s home. You will feel and sleep better now! I get it about all the meds…I keep a daily chart on the fridge!

    We’re wishing your sweet girl a speedy recovery.

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  2. benny55
    4:11 am - 10-15-2017


    Sounds like Fallon is doing extraordinarily well!!! And you are roo!!! You’ll decelop a routine and things come tpcome to you with more ease as the days go on.

    Fallon’s circling and circling trying to make her nest is probably due to her usual “pattern” being interrupted. Just my unscientific observation, but dogs often lrefer to circle in one direction moreso than the other. They prefer to lay on one side more than the other. So if the removal of her leg makes it harder ro turn in a “nesting circle” the way she’s used to, that may explain her extensive circling. Although, I must say, the lengthnof time she circles is REALLY extreme! It’s actually waaay more “walking” than she shoukd be doing right now. SonI have no solution off the tioenof my head!

    Once she gets comfortable laying in her amp side, (assuming that’s the side she preferred to lay on vefore surgery)maybe her ritual will seetle down.
    Just a theory of mine…..not saying it’s valid 🙂 🙂

    I looove that picture!!!:-) Yes, Fallon and Magfie are clearly happy to be reunited!! 🙂

    Keep these good updates AND cute pictures coming!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Anne
    11:57 am - 10-15-2017

    Nothing makes us happier than her being home with you! I love how Maggie is laying so close to her. 💜💛💜💛 rest well sweet Fallon and keep getting better every day!

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