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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Dec 31

A friend (“friend”, I guess) recently said to me, “you’re fighting a losing battle” in regard to Fallon’s treatment.


I didn’t know what to say about that.  It wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  Fallon is doing better than we had hoped.  She’s rockin’ this from every angle. She is doing AWESOME.  But understood, maybe she won’t always be.


So, what is losing?


Despite Fallon’s diagnosis, we have lots to be positive about.  Fallon’s feeling greyt.  We still have her.  She has a perfect team helping guide her (and us) through treatment.  She’s happy and energetic.  She is more loved than you can imagine, and gives it back to us in abundance.  She has a fantastic sister and best friend in Maggie.  We’re settling into our new normal—which, three months ago, I wouldn’t have believed.  It’s coming together, though.  We have support from all directions.  I’ve survived layoffs at work twice.  We have what we need to all keep warm and fed.  Good stuff is happening.  I have hope that 2018 will be wonderful.  I hope we’re doing all we can to make it so for us all.

Daddy loves Fally

We’ve already won, no matter what else happens.

Here’s our girls playing together in the yard.

Happy New Year to all!!!  Hope your 2018 is Greyt.

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  1. Anne
    8:51 pm - 12-31-2017

    You are all awesome and more amazing than I can ever hope to be. Wishing you nothing but love in your hearts always. Big hugs and love for a greyt start to 2018.

  2. Paula LaPorte
    9:02 pm - 12-31-2017

    You’ve got this, Dawn. The very fact that your little family is intact in this new year automatically makes it a WIN WIN. Cancer isn’t always a death sentence, and attitude is as important as the treatment itself. I’ll say it again, YOU’VE GOT THIS……YOURE ALL WINNERS!!!

  3. hester
    9:28 pm - 12-31-2017

    “Friends” who say things like that don’t get that it is not a battle we necessarily expect to “win” in the sense they think of winning and really can’t since no one is immortal. My response would be to ask if they would say that to a human friend who had a dear family member battling cancer or who was waging that battle themselves. My guess is no, they would not.

    You are taking the actions you are taking to make give Fallon the quality of life you want for her for as long as possible. She does feel “greyt” – anyone with sense can see that and there is no rule on how long this will last, but I hope for you all it lasts longer than anyone believes is reasonable. And if not, just look at how much more time you have had with your happy girl already. This IS winning the battle.

    Keep on the course you know is right for you and your beautiful girl.


  4. linda8115
    10:04 pm - 12-31-2017

    OH Dawn I’m sorry for your “friend?” True friends should build you up and be supportive! They should not tear you down. And for heavens sakes lets not forget our Nitro’s and Murphy’s and Jerry’s. I have to wonder if your friend would think they lost the battle? Thank God their parents tried…..because that’s a real winners list and there’s too many to name them all! We all start this journey with hope and getting our dogs and kitties out of pain. We’re all winners here because we love them and we try our very best to help them. And in return they teach us many life lessons and show us what endurance and hope truly look like. Both you and Fallon are “winners” and your “friend” is misguided. Sending love and hugs!

  5. paws120
    12:26 am - 1-1-2018

    Dear Dawn, Fallon, and your pack,
    You have already won. Your girl is healthy, happy, and omg GLOWING! I remember hearing decades ago… If you make one true friend in your life you are a lucky person. I met 2. They are both in heaven now. Friends are your cheerleaders. They celebrate your success. They protect what makes you happy. They are not jealous of your strengths and successes. Just remember that. I lost several cherished babies. I didn’t get the opportunity to cut out the thing that suddenly shortened their lives. You had that chance, jumped on it and rode it out. What you have now is a blessing. Just look at her omg! Nobody knows what our futures hold. You may have months or years with her but you succeeded in your journey and you are an angel to realize she was worth the risk. She loves you to pieces and she is happier than many quads I have met. Be proud of your accomplishments, you earned that!
    Sending lots of love,

  6. dobemom
    2:46 am - 1-1-2018

    That video indeed shows that she’s won! That smile, the total joy in her as she runs around the yard! It doesn’t get any better than that! Ignore your “friend’s” negativity, and continue to rejoice that your girl is with you, free from the pain that was her leg. None of us know what’s ahead, so keep giving thanks for what you have NOW. My warrior Nitro beat the odds for over 3 years, until old age took him from us. None of that was fighting a losing battle. WE WON! And so are you and Fallon winning. Give her a big hug from us!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  7. benny55
    4:56 pm - 1-1-2018

    Oh gosh!!! EVERYONE SAID EVERYTHING PERFECTLY avout your “friend”!! Really, every single sentiment was spot on! IF you ever decide to discuss Fallon with her again (which I hope you won’t), remind her that with her world view, we are all fighting a”losi g battet from the day we are born! So she may as well give up and go crawl in a whole somewhere because the inevitable is looki g for her!! Sorry, didn’t mean to be harsh, but your TRUE friends here will not tolerate that kind of nonsense talk!!

    Now, about BEAUTIFUL FALLON and how exquisitely well she is doing!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 OMD!!!! SHE IS SOOOOO HAPPY!!! 🙂 She is truly loving life on three!!! I do believe our sweet Fallon is already a MIRACLE dog on so many levels! Seeing her so happy and enjoying the bliss of the moment…the bliss of theNOW….yeah, that’s how winners rock this life! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Lots lf love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  8. benny55
    5:05 pm - 1-1-2018

    PS. We have a thread with video of our tripawd heroes loving life on three legs! This HAS to go on there! 🙂

    Will you PM Jerry with a link to this and tell her Fallon’s Fans are BEGGING for this to be in there! If she sees yiur blog, she’ll do it anyway. But just in case she misses it because these gonup and down so fast.

    I just wanted ro add that you are doing a masterful job of defining your
    empowering relationship with Fallon and a masterful job of not letting anyone impact you negatively. Fallon…And you…define her and all her victories…and she is having many and shall continue to do so!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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