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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Jan 13

We’re out to beat the odds.  I am all over this.

So much has been happening.  Fallon has been doing GREYT, and we’re working hard to keep it that way.  My focus is making this new normal run smoothly, and it gets better all the time.  There are many elements to this, but it’s all based on being more effective in all we do.  We have invested so much in this horrible, wonderful time that it would be a shame to see it crumble away because we missed a detail. And Fallon’s rockin’ this.  Cancer is horrible.  Osteosarcoma is horrible.  The odds aren’t in our favor—but there are dogs who break the odds.  We’re trying to do our best to make Fallon one of those statistic-busters

Maggie is always the cheerleader.

Rehab is going awesome.  Fallon seemed a little more nervous when we got there this week, but was all better once we got into the rehab office—and she worked the underwater treadmill like a champion.  I really believe she enjoys it.  This week she increased in speed and duration.

Treats always help

Dr. Laura measured her swollen ankle, and it’s down slightly.  So all’s good there.  We made a plan to go every three weeks.  It’s optional, really, but it’s the one appointment we take Fallon to that she really seems to like.  Plus I like another doctor feeling her all over—just in case there’s something we miss.  For example, Dr. Laura noticed one of Fallon’s hip bones was more prominent than the other.  This was new, not noted before.  After feeling around a bit more and watching Fallon walk, she postulated that because of Fallon’s strong triangle base, when she ambulates, she compensates to one side, making one hip work harder than the other.  Nothing to worry about, just to watch.


I’m still home cooking for 1 meal per day, and supplementing with kibble.  Last time Fallon was weighed, she was up slightly, but an insignificant amount, not enough to worry.  We’ll monitor.  I only guess at what the correct amount of food is.  I’m also guessing it is relatively balanced nutritionally, as I use the recipe in the Dog Cancer Survival Guide.  Probably we should consult a nutritionist, but funds are limited—and this is working, so far.  The process is getting easier as I learn the ropes.

Yum, right?

Two more chemotherapy to go.  We’ll see what happens in 6 weeks when we’re at that point and the 6 carboplatin are complete.  We’re very hopeful Fallon will be able to get the new osteosarcoma vaccine.  We’re considering a clinical trial at the VCC, and this week I am leaning toward Fallon participating…but I want to talk with Dr. Sue once more first.  My dealbreaker last week was it could entail some more trips to the VCC, and that’s a long day trip.  This week—if there’s even the smallest chance that the vaccine being studied shrinks tumors, I would regret so much not making the drive.  In the clinical trial, there’s a chance Fallon could fall into the control group and get a placebo, we have no way of knowing.  But I’m up for trying everything.  A cool thing this week–Fallon is featured in Dr. Sue’s Vlog–it’s very sweet

VLOG 22: New Year

New Year! We start this year off with Pokey, Fallon and Jake. Today we are treating lymphoma, osteosarcoma, & malignant melanoma. We got this! #KickCancersButt #Tripawds

Posted by Dr Sue Cancer Vet on Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I’m working on me.  I let quite a bit go when I was trying to figure out how to help Fallon.  I haven’t been taking good care of myself.  I’ve started a new healthy focus, taking care of myself inside and out.  The Dog Cancer Survival Guide starts out reminding you to take good care of YOU, and I read it way back when (like 3 months ago—seems like 3 decades).  Now it’s finally sinking in.  It’s like when the flight attendant tells you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, to make sure you can take care of those who need you.  I’m trying to chill more.  These last three months I’ve not been myself.  I get upset easily.  I have a very short fuse.  But stress feeds cancer, so I am doing all I can to keep Fallon stress-free.  I don’t want to get her upset.  I want her to have every advantage.


Time to set another goal.  I already made hotel reservations for Spring Dewey—Dewey Beach, DE in April.  We leave 82 days from today.  Dewey Beach is one of Fallon’s favorite beaches, and Spring Dewey is one of our favorite greyhound events because it’s low key with nice people—and it jump starts the summer.  We are on our way!!! (in 82 days!!)

We’ll be there with one fewer leg in April


2 comments so far

  1. benny55
    5:31 am - 1-13-2018

    OMD!!! That video and the comments in Dr Sue’s Vlog…SPECTACULAR!!! FALLON IS A TRU ROCKSTAR!!! Yes indeedy, she HAS to love whst she does when she gets to wprk with a beautiful Soul like Fallon!

    The photos you tookmof Fallon doing her underwater treadmellmare adoravle. I @ove that you take her sisterneith her for moral support as her own personal cheerleader!

    I can certainly understand your hesitation about the trial…especially with the placebo factor. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to make everyday the best day ever with no worries about the tomorrows or days on a calendar. You know Fallon better than anyone. And you’re doing a really good job of that.

    I’m glad that yiu are going to start focusing in yourself now too! Fallon would NOT want you to be stressed out or not taking care ofnyourself! Clearly she’s not stressed st all and, goodness knows, is being well cared for and eating some really good stuff! She coukd not jave any better care! Just make sure you continue to give yourself some of that same exquisite care!

    So glad you’ve set up sometime for the Beach this Spring!! ,Fallon will certainly enjoyn it and it will be a great opportunity for you to relax and enjoy the bliss of BEING MORE DOG!! 🙂

    Thanks for the Greyt update!!!

    Hugs to all!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. Yeah,the tripawd gait can make one side of the hip area shape up in a different way than the other.

  2. Jackie
    6:19 pm - 1-13-2018

    So good to hear how wonderful Fallon is doing, just amazing! It is also great that you are finally at a point where you are aware of your own well being and health. It is much easier to say it than to do it, I am guilty as charged myself. Glad to see you are well on your way 🙂 The video is just stunning, the girls are both gorgeous! It is heartwarming to see them having so much fun.
    YAY on the vacation, I think having something to look forward to always helps to keep things on a positive note.
    Hugs to all of you,
    Jackie and Huck

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