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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Oct 18

Fallon came home from the hospital 4 days ago.  She finally pooped yesterday !  I had been waiting eagerly for this!


She’s walking around pretty confidently.  Yesterday she did knock over a table and lamp, so we moved it, she takes the path it was by a lot.  Outside, we’ve started walking the perimeter of the house, out to the mailbox, nothing too far, but more than the few yards to the corner of the house we were doing.  Maggie comes too, and it’s not enough for her.  We still have not let Fallon upstairs, and if we do, we’ll carry her.  Right now, everything she needs is downstairs, except her—I mean our–nice soft bed.  She stands and stares at the base of the stairs like she’s contemplating going up.  She’s made her way onto the furniture a time or two, other times she looks like she wants to get up there, but can’t—she makes adorable little hoppity jumps, but it’s not enough.  Her activity is still supposed to be limited anyway, but I’m happy she is showing interest and initiative. She is getting a lot better at laying down—still takes some time, but not as much.  She looks more comfortable when she does lie down.  Her front leg is still swollen, we massage it, elevate it, and apply heat.  It might look a little better, but still doesn’t look right.  She is supposed to wear something to protect her incision, but she tenses up her front leg so it’s difficult to get that on.  She seems to know that leg is an important one.

1 week ampuversary smiles

I went out last night to play hockey and left Fallon home alone with Dad and Maggie for the first time since the surgery. I was decidedly distracted.  I had fun, but couldn’t stop worrying about how Fallon was doing, could Dad get her meds in her, how things were going, etc, etc, etc.  I have to work on that.


Maggie still needs more attention.  We need to walk her separately, farther.  I can manage about one walk a day with her, timewise, but she would love more.  Soon, little girl.

Maggie and halloween pal

More to come…

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  1. benny55
    4:31 pm - 10-19-2017

    These pictures….priceless!! Ranging from beautiful to HILARIOUS!!! And that is a tripawd “pal” next ro Maggie, right?


    Still.take it slow Miss Fallon!! It is great that she is showing the desire to do more though.

    Keep these good updates coming…..with great pictures!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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