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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Oct 24

Things seem to be going OK, sometimes seem better, and sometimes seem worse.  Fallon is getting around more easily, and she’s laying down pretty expediently, compared to the time she spent trying to lay down the first few days after she came home.  We’ve been walking down the street, probably about half a block and back, or we walk around the whole perimeter of the yard.


There are a couple of things that concern us, but we see her doc tomorrow—the stitches come out finally!  One bothersome thing is that she far prefers to lay on the hard floor, rather than any of the many mats we have spread around.  Her second choice is a doubled up fleece.  She doesn’t ever choose a fluffy bed.  I guess “bothersome” is strong, but it is a huge change from before.  Another concerning thing—on the odd occasion, she shivers.  It’s not cold here, it’s pretty warm for fall.  It’s temporary, lasts a couple of minutes.  We’ll ask the doc tomorrow about that.  I think we’ll also take a look through the Tripawds site to see if any of this has been mentioned.  We still have not gotten the results of the biopsy, but the doc was all over it last week, was going to call today if they were not in hand.  Hope they are there tomorrow.

Fallon is laying between 2 soft mats on thin fleece blankets


We’ve been trying to pay Maggie extra attention, and I have been trying to go on a date or two with her every day—maybe to the store to pick out something fun and meet people, maybe to the bike trail to walk and smell things, maybe just a longer walk around our neighborhood.  Maggie gets frequent walks with Fallon, but they’re short.  We want to make sure she gets enough exercise and attention.

A good friend gave Fallon a lavender scented squeaky toy to help her relax. But Maggie loves it too.

If all’s good tomorrow with the doctor visit, stitch removal, and whatever else, we’ll be done with the practice we got the surgery at.  Wait, maybe not—we are interested in getting Fallon a rehab consult, and they have that there—and the Tripawds Foundation may be able to chip in!!  First, though, is The Veterinary Cancer Center a week from today.  Things are moving fast, a month ago I’d never have believed we’d be doing all the things we’ve done in the past month.  Nor would I want to repeat it.

3 comments so far

  1. Christine and JP
    1:15 am - 10-24-2017

    All the hearts … stay strong… you guys are doing the things I couldn’t dream to be strong enough to do with that same grace! <3 <3 <3

  2. benny55
    4:06 am - 10-24-2017

    It’s not abnormal at all during recovery for dogs to seek out the coolness of laying on the floor versus a bed or rug. As the incision continues to heal, Fallon will probably gravitate to her bed soon. Also, another possibility, sometimes squishy soft beds are harder for tripawds to try and stand up on without slipping

    The shivering could be a sign of pain. Notsure what pain meds shesw still on or how often. Maybe a little adjustment will help. My Happy Hannah stayed on some of her pain meds for about three weeks.

    I know she’ll feel better getting those pesky stitches out! Stitch removal day calls for a cheeseburger! Of course sseet Maggie gets one too! And it sounds like you are doing an excellent job of givw Maggie lots of atte tion too! She a d Fallon will be going on lo ger walks together soon!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS Always love pictures of these two! Such beautiful pups! :-)-

  3. Petra
    1:33 am - 10-27-2017

    Hi Fallon and Mum
    I hope you got some relief from your vet yesterday? Did he mention anything about phantom pain? I wonder if the intermittent shivers have anything to do with that?
    It must feel so lovely to have your stitches out!
    I agree with Sally that the bed might make her a little clumsy.
    Hugs to you all
    Suoer Stu and his adoring Pack! ❤️❤️❤️

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