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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Oct 27

I wake up at 6AM and take the dogs out every morning.  This morning, Fallon did not want to walk, she planted herself and wouldn’t move initially.  Eventually, she moved, and got to the top of the stairs, and I helped her down with her harness—which always happens in our new normal, only she didn’t really want to go.  Once we got outside she did her business quick, then planted herself again.  We weren’t much farther than the edge of our property.  I put Fallon back into the house, and went for a walk alone with Maggie.


Fallon stayed downstairs for a little, and then came halfway upstairs on her own.  We have a little landing where the stairs turn a corner.  She stayed there a bit, and then came all the way up.  It was then I saw how swollen her leg was, right at the part I would call her ankle.  It felt really warm, but didn’t seem to bother her at all when I touched it.  I went into full PTSD mode and started calling doctors.  Her surgeon was off today, but they suggested we could come in to their ER if I wanted her seen.  I called our regular vet office, and they could see her today, at 4PM.  Better answer.


She got a little better over the course of the day in that she was more willing to walk, but still very swollen.  But it being Friday, I wanted someone to look at her and tell me how to help her.


Long story short, the appointment went well.  The doc examined her and wanted to x-ray, I was good with that.  The x-ray did not show anything with her bone—in fact, it looked good and strong.  So this is some kind of soft tissue injury.  We’re treating it with the Previcox and just rest, supporting her more with her harness and limiting her activity again.  I was terrified it was another tumor, or the only front leg bone she has left broke somehow. My nightmares did not come true.  This we can handle.


We meet her Oncologist on Monday.  This afternoon the Veterinary Cancer Center called to confirm our appointment.  I had been working this crisis all morning and forgot to check on the biopsy report—I had already been on the phone with the surgeon’s practice, just didn’t ask.  I called again, and the report has arrived.  They faxed it over, so we’re set.  We just don’t know the content yet, because our doctor was not in.  But it’s all good.


More to come…

Fallon, her angel sister Willow, and Dad at the beach a few years ago. We are going to walk this beach in the spring.

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  1. Christine and JP
    10:22 pm - 10-27-2017

    Oh my …. good news at the root of things. Well, less worrying, I suppose. Monday will get her soon… at least the things are falling in place at the right time. That makes me think it’s a good sign. At least I really hope so … it will be ok. I know it.

  2. Anne
    10:48 pm - 10-27-2017

    What she said and more… Monday will be here before you know it…. love you all.

  3. benny55
    3:10 am - 10-28-2017

    Whew!! We are all breathing a huge sigh of relief right along with you! I know you heart was in your throat all day!

    Before this journey, anynof us would just thinknin terns of a tweaked joint, or a sprain of some sort, maybe even an insect bite! And then this journey always makes you think worse case scenario! Luckily, as in Fallon’s case, it’s nothing bad at all!

    I love that photo of Fallon and Angel Willow. A nice treasure. And Willow is an excellent Guardian Angel over Fallon and Maggie too!

    Rest and some meds and more rest should clear things up soon.

    Lots of hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. rochar21
    7:15 pm - 10-28-2017

    Do you think Fallon is overdoing it keeping up with the pack in the house? I watch Rufus’ wrist to make sure it’s not bending so much as a sign of tiring. He rests a lot at home because we’re a solo dog home so I think he’s really ready to go go when it’s time: ) when was amputation? We amputated 10/9 so I think we’re a few days behind you. Rufus needs sedating for everything so his sutures came out 10/27 during 1 of 4 chemo. His biopsy showed osteoblastic osteosarcoma so he gets carboplatin. I should start a blog like you. I like how you’re able to update us and three organization of the posts. Thanks for sharing pics too!

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