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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Oct 28

I don’t know why I feel so upset.  We knew this was the most likely diagnosis going into all this, I’ve been describing it  that way since the beginning, but our doctor just called to discuss the biopsy results, which confirmed osteosarcoma.  “Discuss” is all relative, because there’s really little to say–it sucks.  But he was encouraging, reaffirmed we’ve done the best thing for Fallon with the amputation, reaffirmed that we’ve picked an awesome oncologist, and even made me feel better about whatever happened with her right leg today.

So we go to Dr. Sue, Cancer Vet on Monday…hopefully no more updates until after that.

More to come…

A year ago at Dewey Beach. We’re absolutely going back in April.

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  1. benny55
    3:19 am - 10-28-2017

    And isn’t it a good think Fallon doesn’t give a hoot what the Vet said. And she coukd care less what any ole’ report says. Means nothing to her! NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN FALON’S WORLD!!

    Of course, being human this sucks to hear. But that’s when we dig our heels in and continue to do everything possible to make each day THE BEST DAY EVER!! 🙂 No dog has a timeframe stamped on their butt! And some of the Breys have been the ones who jave blown statistics out of the water!!

    And you betcha’ Fallon is going to the beach in April! In fact, how far away do you live? I think younshould take Fallon and Maggie once a month all during the Winter and into the Spring and Summer and Fall! She doesn’t care about the temperature or sunbathing :-)’

    We’re all cheering for this beautiful Soul!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. 4haunteddogs
    3:21 am - 10-28-2017

    Great picture! Takes me away just to look at it imagining the beach, beautiful.

    Fallon <3 sorry to hear about the dx. Thinking of you…

  3. maniacmads
    1:55 pm - 10-28-2017

    Uggg – I’m sorry. I know exactly how you feel. We got our biopsy results yesterday too and it was also Osteosarcoma. I will say though, that the surgeon told us on day one that he didn’t need a biopsy – it was what it was and of that he was certain. Just know that the nasty tumor is gone now and Fallon feels better – even if she is still adjusting to her new normal. Everytime we hit a little bump, I listen to the Tripawds folks encourage me and Maddie and so far all their advice and suggestions have helped. I just try to find something every day that Maddie and I can be thankful for. Today is that her lymph nodes were clear. Tomorrow maybe it will be she walks a little farther. You are taking such good care of Fallon and she knows it. Before you know it she’ll be running on three legs enjoying the beach and all the other fun things you’ve always shared.

  4. rochar21
    7:21 pm - 10-28-2017

    Benny55 you give the best advice. You really understand a dog’s world. Thank you for always reminding us humans!

    I’m looking forward to an epic summer 2018 and Fallon for beach time in April, BUT…..i think we’re going to have an epic thanksgiving and Christmas and spring…. how dare I forget the adventures to be had before summer…. bad human.

    I can’t wait to see the adventures Fallon and pack share.

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