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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Nov 16

We decided to get a rehab consult for Fallon to give her the best chance possible to be a successful and efficient tripawd.  We were hoping to learn some ways to support and guide her to ways that would keep her from injury and help her function without pain and discomfort—in particular, given her age.


We met with Dr. Laura Perez and her rehab technician Jen.  We talked in an exam room for quite a while on what Fallon was good at, and areas where she may need some help.  Overall, Fallon is doing quite well.  She is a very good hopper, is great going upstairs, OK at going downstairs, laying down takes some time.  She is very independent, and is usually reticent to accept our help.  The doctor gave Fallon a head to toe exam of her bones and joints.


Dr. Laura examined her carpus (front wrist) carefully, as it gave Fallon a problem a few weeks ago.  Two weeks after her surgery her whole remaining front leg swelled up and was quite warm to touch.  Dr. Laura felt Fallon’s carpus still looked a little thick, so she measured it so we can see any change in its’ size over the course of time.  She mentioned we may want to consider a brace for her, to protect this delicate joint given the amount of use it would be getting, and the force it would receive using it as her sole landing point when going downstairs or jumping off something.

Dr Laura told Fallon a good joke while she measured her.

We learned some stretches for the carpus, and Fallon’s whole leg.  Range of motion movements simulate the motion Fallon’s leg would make when moving, and would help loosen and lubricate her joints.  We learned some other stretches that would help Fallon stay loose and feeling fine.  We can guide her head with a treat while she is standing so she looks at her backside and then her foot, to work her core and give that a stretch.  She can stand with her front leg on a stair and point her head up—guided by a treat–to help stretch her back.  We spoke about ways to massage her for her benefit—gentle motions to help a tight spine, and more vigorous motions to get ready to walk outside or other exercise.

You use your palms to do the range of motion

The goal is to get Fallon more mobile. This joint optimally should bend farther.

We went through the full range of motion for Fallon’s leg.

Dr. Laura and Jen took measurements for a Thera Paw brace for Fallon, to support this carpus joint given the amount of use it would be getting, and the force it would receive using it as her sole landing point when hopping, going downstairs, or jumping off something.  The company custom makes these.  Fallon would probably need extra padding due to her delicate skin.  Dr. Laura will call the company to discuss Fallon’s needs and get a quote on price.  We’ll make a decision about going ahead with this later. If we decide we can do this, she can order it for us.  In the meantime, we’ll see how the exercises and stretches work out for her.


We made an appointment to go back in about 2 weeks.  This will give us time to work with Fallon on these stretches and exercises, and see their effect.  We also decided she would try the underwater treadmill!  It will help with her range of motion, strength and endurance, and the water will make her buoyant and help avoid additional stress on her joints.  We hope she likes it!


We learn so much from all the experts on Team Fallon.  We are so happy with all the direction we received today to help Fallon be the best she can be.  Just one appointment can give you enough guidance to continue on your own.  We’re opting to attend at least one more.

Smiles to you from Fallon!

More to come..

3 comments so far

  1. benny55
    4:37 am - 11-16-2017

    Fallon IS smiling!!! I loooove this picture! She looks like her sparkle is really coming back! A greyt day indeed…with some greyt pictures! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing everything you learned from her Rehab. The pictures plus explanations were very helpful. Dr. Laira seems very thorough and knowledgeable.

    Looking forward to your next update, WITH PICTURES OF COURSE! 🙂

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Anne
    11:41 am - 11-16-2017

    The care she’s been receiving has been awesome. I love that she’s smiling so much and how she looked naturally relaxed and following the stretches! More reasons to get some extra cuddling! Maggie’s gonna want to do those too! 💛

  3. paws120
    4:31 pm - 11-16-2017

    Oh my, she looks so happy! I am so glad to hear that she is coming along so well. I look forward to your future posts!

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