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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Nov 20

Quoting Dr. Sue—“Fallon looks FABULOUS!”

Fallon is reppin’ Tripawds today with her bandana! Here she is done with her treatment, we’re ready to go!!

We got up very early to get to Connecticut by 11AM, but it was an easy drive.  We arrived and went in with Suzanne, Dr. Sue’s Vet Tech, and filled her in on the past 3 weeks.  The biggest issue was that Fallon spiked quite a fever—but despite her high temperature, she had done great—still active and eating.  Suzanne explained that there were reasons why this may not be a big deal, it is probably a result of the last chemo and white blood cell count.  Fallon’s weight is doing great—we do not want her to gain any more, as it will start to impact her mobility.  Right now, she’s about perfect.  So Fallon went off to get her bloodwork, then chemo, and we did exactly what we did the last time…took Maggie out for lunch.  We all had burgers, and then went back to the Veterinary Cancer Center to wait for Fallon.

No one is petting Maggie–time to grab a quick nap.

Uneventful day!  Fallon hopped out, all happy, and we talked about our plan for the next 3 weeks. We’re adding the Apocaps, which is a supplement that may help cancer cells die.  We’re going to continue with the antibiotics and Immunity Treats.  We’ll head back in about 3 more weeks for chemo #3, and we’ll discuss diet changes then.  The next chemo is right before we’re planning our family vacation to Niagara Falls, but that is fine, Fallon has been doing so well after her treatments that there should be no problem

Kiss kiss until we see each other next!

Turns out the animal communicator was talking to someone else. Not Fallon.  Last night I hopped on a call, spur of the moment, and heard the animal communicator.  When it was our turn, I explained Fallon was new at all this, we’re putting her through lots, was there anything she needed?  I was expecting Fallon would say some treat she was missing, or to tell her Dad not to baby her so much, she can take care of herself.  But the animal communicator said Fallon said she was tired—she did not want to go on, and her tummy hurt—she had no appetite.  She described that Fallon had pain at 5 on a scale of 10, and said we should talk to our docs about increasing her pain medicine.  None of this seemed right to me—the day before she was running in the yard with a big smile, and she eats GREYT. She doesn’t take any pain medicine now.  This was more than a bit upsetting, but it’s important to remember that this is not science.  Long story short—she was wrong, or not communicating with Fallon.  Today confirmed that, as Fallon’s awesome doctor sees her as doing FABULOUS.  I have to learn to trust myself, and trust I know Fallon.  Thanks to my friends for talking me down 🙂


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  1. Super Stu!
    3:35 am - 11-21-2017

    Fallon, I’m sorry you had a bit of a scare with the animal Communicator. But thank goodness you had a visit with your favourite vet person and got the all clear! It sounds like you are doing incredibly well! Good Girl! Maggie is a lucky girl for getting burgers while you are in your treatments… I hope she saves you some!

    All the very best
    Stewie and his adoring Pack ❤️

  2. benny55
    4:19 am - 11-21-2017

    LOOK AT THST HAPPY GIRL!!! LOOK AT HER SMILE!!! LOOK AT THE JOY IN HER EYES!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Nothing’s wrong with this sweet girl!! 🙂
    I love the “lesson” you just embraced the last 24’hrs…..learn to trust yourself….trust Fallon…..And trust you know Fallon better than anyone!! 🙂

    Fallon is in sich good hands. You are really lucky to be within driving distance of Dr Ettinger.

    And Maggie thinks Fallon getting chemomis the best thinge evvver! She gets hamvurr, nap time and special time with her pack! 🙂

    We’re cheering for your Fallon! This update and delightful pictures make us all so happy! 🙂

    Lots of hugs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. paws120
    12:43 pm - 11-21-2017

    This does my heart so much good! Even with the procedures she is smiling like a champ! I am very happy and relieved for you. A little confidence goes a long way, eh? *BIG SMILES*
    Big hugs to you and your crew!

  4. jerry
    2:06 pm - 11-26-2017

    SWEEEEEET! I saw this the day you posted and forgot to comment.

    What a great checkup and visit with our #1 rock star oncologist! I knew in my heart that Stacy wasn’t talking about YOUR Fallon. Or maybe she was and she was just channeling back to the days during her recovery when Fallon did feel crappy. Whatever. The reality is that science rules, and Fallon is rocking it on 3 legs. YAY!!!!

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