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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Nov 29

Fallon seems to be feeling better and better all the time.  Yesterday was a really great day for her.  We went to her rehab session.  This was the second one, following the initial evaluation, and the plan was to have her try the underwater treadmill.


We took Maggie as well.  We asked the prior time if she would be welcome, and Fallon’s rehab team was excited about it.  Our feeling was that Maggie is a good support for Fallon, her being around makes Fallon more comfortable.  Maggie was a handful!  She was all over Dr. Laura, as she had treats.  She pooped a giant poop out on the floor in the office.  Still, she was charming, and we’ll probably bring her again.


We discussed a Thera-Paw brace the last time we were in, and decided to go with it.  Dr Laura called the company to discuss our needs and get a quote.  She will place the order, and we’ll have it in a couple of weeks.  This will help support Fallon’s wrist, which has looked swollen for a few weeks.  Good news is that when it was measured yesterday, it was down—a fraction of a millimeter, but it was smaller.  We talked about the exercises we were given last time.  In part they are going OK—ones where Fallon passively participates go better, like the massages and range of motion.

In the underwater treadmill tank, all suited up in a life vest

Fallon got suited up into a life vest with a handle on it—time to try the underwater treadmill!  At first, it seemed intimidating to her, she was shaking nervously.  Jenn, her Vet Tech was in the water with her comforting her from inside, and Dr. Laura, Fallon’s Dad and I stood outside petting her and giving encouragement.  First she just got used to the water and was encouraged to move around in it—go from the front to back of the tank, and turn around.  Dr Laura ran the treadmill, and fed Fallon treats for encouragement.  For this first day, Fallon hopped for 30 seconds at a time, repeated 4 times.  She got more and more comfortable and confident as time passed.  When she got out of the water, we all rubbed her dry with a towel (she loves that), then Fallon went over to greet and thank Dr Laura, which made us happy.  We decided at that point to go back in maybe a month.  It will get very cold here soon, and the treadmill might be a great diversion and different exercise for Fallon.

(Maggie makes a cameo at the end of this)

The whole day seemed to invigorate Fallon!  We think she enjoyed the underwater treadmill, as well as her visit with her Rehab Team.  I went off to play hockey last night, so Fallon and Maggie were home alone with Dad.  He reported Fallon was super active, going up and down the stairs repeatedly and goofing around with Maggie.  She seems more and more like her old self every day 🙂


4 comments so far

  1. Valerie Cintron
    1:02 am - 11-30-2017

    Such a great post. Love seeing Fallon on the treadmill and Maggie there for support but best part is her feeling like her old self. Yay.

  2. benny55
    2:55 am - 11-30-2017

    Aww Fallon, you are a bathing beauty! 🙂 🙂 And I love Maggie’s “pants suit” as she stands close cheering you on! Looks like she wants to join in! She also looked like she was being very protective too!

    Thanks for sharing how the Rehab visit went. And to hear that she wss energized afterwards, as opposed to exhausted, was a good sign! 🙂

    And YAY for swelling going down!

    So glad to hear how well Fallon is doing 🙂 Made my day 🙂

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. benny55
    5:54 pm - 11-30-2017

    Just curious, how is Fallon today?? Stillmperky or did she seem more tired after Rehab? I need to take Frankie to Rehab and just trying to find out what’s “normal”:-)

    • dawn3g
      7:21 pm - 11-30-2017

      Hi Sally! Fallon is back to her normal level energy today. She doesn’t seem more tired, but she doesn’t have the super energy she had after the rehab session. I think she just really enjoyed the day and was feeling really good as a result. Plus she was home alone with Dad, and that’s always fun!

      I think we’re going to try to take her back every few weeks. Our doctor said it was up to us, whatever we wanted to set up. She just really seemed to love it, but we have to be mindful of $$ as well. We set up another one, but I think it falls the day after chemo, and she’s definitely tired that day–besides needing to be extra mindful of her poop and pee. We’ll get her there sometime soon, possibly the week before Christmas. I’m eager to see if she is super charged after that one as well!

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