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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Fallon #greyhound #osteosarcoma #amputation

Nothing But Love in Her Heart

One Week Since the Amputation. Wow.

October 18th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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Fallon came home from the hospital 4 days ago.  She finally pooped this yesterday !  I had been waiting eagerly for this!


She’s walking around pretty confidently.  Yesterday she did knock over a table and lamp, so we moved it, she takes the path it was by a lot.  Outside, we’ve started walking the perimeter of the house, out to the mailbox, nothing too far, but more than the few yards to the corner of the house we were doing.  Maggie comes too, and it’s not enough for her.  We still have not let Fallon upstairs, and if we do, we’ll carry her.  Right now, everything she needs is downstairs, except her—I mean our–nice soft bed.  She stands and stares at the base of the stairs like she’s contemplating going up.  She’s made her way onto the furniture a time or two, other times she looks like she wants to get up there, but can’t—she makes adorable little hoppity jumps, but it’s not enough.  Her activity is still supposed to be limited anyway, but I’m happy she is showing interest and initiative. She is getting a lot better at laying down—still takes some time, but not as much.  She looks more comfortable when she does lie down.  Her front leg is still swollen, we massage it, elevate it, and apply heat.  It might look a little better, but still doesn’t look right.  She is supposed to wear something to protect her incision, but she tenses up her front leg so it’s difficult to get that on.  She seems to know that leg is an important one.

1 week ampuversary smiles

I went out last night to play hockey and left Fallon home alone with Dad and Maggie for the first time since the surgery. I was decidedly distracted.  I had fun, but couldn’t stop worrying about how Fallon was doing, could Dad get her meds in her, how things were going, etc, etc, etc.  I have to work on that.


Maggie still needs more attention.  We need to walk her separately, farther.  I can manage about one walk a day with her, timewise, but she would love more.  Soon, little girl.

Maggie and halloween pal

More to come…

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Day 2 at Home on Three Legs

October 16th, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Fallon’s still doing pretty OK.  She did not pee last night before bed, plus it was raining hard.  We tolerated the wet as long as both of us could, then came in.  She stood up last night at around 1:30AM so I took her out—peed, awesome.  Plus her walking looked as good as I had seen it.  I have slept on an air mattress downstairs with her, and last night after our 1:30AM walk, she joined me there.  She hopped up with no problem and lay down and screamed.  She laid with her incision side on the bottom, and I’m assuming that is why.  Could just be some greyhound drama also, but I think the former is more likely.  Nonetheless, once she was settled she stayed there, and I anticipated a hard time in the morning, and fretted much of the night on how I was going to get her up without hurting her.  I got up before her to use the bathroom, and when I came out she was up and standing on the floor—no problems.  I have to trust her more 🙂


I finally set up the oncologist—Dr. Sue Ettinger.  I am thrilled to have a doc with such a great reputation, There are a couple of other greyhounds from our adoption group who have had great success with her.  Fallon’s stitches come out on 10/24.  Her oncology appointment is 10/30.  It will be about 2 hours 45 minute drive to get there–not optimal, but not horrible.  Worth every minute for the confidence I have in this choice.


Right now, she’s sleeping on the loveseat—jumped up there herself.  We also walked a bit farther today together, almost to the back of our yard.  She seems more steady.  She’s dying to walk upstairs, I think she could do it, but we were supposed to limit her activity until the stitches are removed.  The doctor who did her amputation will call to check in, I’ll ask about specifics then.

She jumped up all by herself. Reppin’ the Rivs today 🙂

More to come…


First Full Day Home on Three

October 15th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Things aren’t going too badly.  It’s almost uneventful (almost…not 100%), given I have been prepared for a very difficult couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed it stays this way.  Fallon mostly seems comfortable, sometimes seems to have some amount of panting and restlessness, spends all kinds of time spinning to lay down, but not laying down (we’ve learned that after a few minutes, we call it and help her down).  The incision looks really good, actually, it’s been dry and we’ve been changing her giant gauzes, but finding nothing on them.  Our paperwork says to continue this for 2 weeks, but I’ll ask the doc about this when he calls next week.  Maybe it can start leaking again and we’re being prepared.  She was wearing a red gauze stretchy shirt which was getting tons of holes—and also seemed to be cutting off her circulation in her only front leg, so we exchanged it for a t shirt.


Walking is not going badly.  We only go as far as the back corner of the house, she hops along pretty well, and I know this will get better over time.  She has not pooped yet, but we were told this could be delayed.


Nighttime wasn’t bad at all, we slept probably half of it, she awoke frequently and whined, but if I touched her or pet her she seemed quiet and satisfied.  Easy fix.  We got out of bed long before I wanted, 5:15AM, but I wanted to make sure she didn’t have to pee.  She did, so time well spent.


Maggie is still pretty attentive, we’re trying to give her separate walks as she’s capable of miles of distance instead of yards.

Not just love for Fallon…there are 2 uneaten treats there.

Fallon spent a little time negotiating the territory on the different set of wheels, she did really well.

Exploring on 3

More to come…


Fallon’s Home!

October 15th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

So far so good…Fallon’s fast asleep now, and I hope this portends good, comfy times to come for her.  Honestly, we were talking last night and it seems like a long time since we’ve seen her sleep so comfortably.  She’d lay down with her head up, eyes open, panting—she hurt.  Now the nasty bone is gone, and the surgery pain is something easier to deal with—and temporary.


I’m a little intimidated by the meds and treatments and the various times they need to be given.  I’m trying to work it out on paper so it makes sense and I don’t miss something important.  Then I’ll put alarms in my phone or something as reminders.  I’ll figure it out.  She’s on Tramadol up to 3 times a day, Previcox once daily, but the dose changes in 6 days, and Cephalexin twice daily, 2 different capsules to get the dose perfect for her.  Then she needs her incision examined, warm compress over the incision site and pads changed over the incision site, all these 4 times a day.  I’ll do those all together.  Her remaining front leg is swollen, and we’re to massage it at least twice a day.  She likes the leg massage a lot.  A friend with vet tech experience advised we elevate it. Will do


Over all, I’m personally overwhelmed, but Fallon’s pretty chill.  Biggest problem is her laying down, she will circle and circle for 20, 30, 40 minutes before she lays.  Once she’s down, she may land in a weird, uncomfortable looking shape.  Eventually it works itself out and she sleeps really soundly, really peacefully, and that’s been a long time coming.


Other aspects are going well.  She is eating awesome.  We’re supposed to double her food intake  for 2 weeks, and it doesn’t look like it will be a problem.  Maybe sister Maggie will get a round butt from all the extra treats.  She goes outside for peeing, walks pretty well—shaky sometimes, but gets where she needs to go.  We have one step to get in/out, she negotiates it like a champion.  I am impressed by her stability while peeing, she has this down.


Maggie clearly missed Fallon.  She has stuck close to her since she’s been back.


We’ll see how tonight goes.  We’ve made her a nice area downstairs, and I’ll sleep downstairs too for awhile.


It’s just good to have her home.

Fallon is asleep with a jerky in her mouth–maybe so Maggie wont steal it. Maggie has stuck close.

More to come…


Today’s Not the Day. :( But Tomorrow…

October 13th, 2017 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

The hospital called. They would like to keep Fallon one more night.  She’s made many gains, but is still panting as though she’s got a significant level of pain.  She will be able to continue on more substantial pain meds this way.  They also referenced her bandage on her incision, and how it needed to be changed frequently, they would like that better in control.


My heart was saying I can handle all that at home.  But my head was saying these guys know how much we want her back, they wouldn’t broach the subject if they didn’t feel it would be an enormous benefit.


So she’s staying one more night.  I hope that’s all.


She’s made greyt gains.  She’s walking more confidently, going to the bathroom without a problem, finally eating their food—so lots looks really, really good.  We’re going to visit at 3pm.  After that, hopefully the next time we see her will be to pack her suitcases and load her into the car to go home.


I appreciate all the support, you guys…we’re still on the roller coaster but I think the end is in sight and the new normal will start making itself known soon.