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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Dec 14

Chemo number 3 was yesterday, and again, everything went awesome.  Uneventful!  Dr Sue said, “Fallon was a very boring patient medically, which is a good thing!”  We’re getting to understand the pattern of chemo days.  We have a few under our belt now, so we know where we’ll eat lunch, that Fallon will be out soon after, she’ll sleep most of the way home, until we need to stop to remove her bandage, then she’ll sleep the rest of the way.  Then she will have no ill side effects.  We’re grateful for that.  Half way done already?  Yes.  Fingers stay crossed, though and all positive energy and good wishes accepted.

New development–it’s a good time to work on changing her diet.  I have been asking about that since the start, but it’s been too early to throw changes other than chemo at Fallon, until we could see how she tolerated it and reacted.  Now that it’s time, I’m not ready.  I was thinking of enhancing her kibble with something with better nutrition, initially, like cooking meat and veggies, then maybe going further than that once I built up confidence (I don’t really even cook for Paul and myself).  Dr Sue gave us a website, and also said she could refer us to a nutritionist if we wanted.  Right now, more $$$$ out of pocket is very unattractive, so I’m going to try to learn all I can on my own…a quick look at the website tells me that they are not going to give me a diet for cancer–many other issues, but not ours.  But there’s tons of information out there.  I’ll figure it out…

…after vacation!!  Tomorrow we leave for Niagara Falls with Fallon and Maggie.  I’m looking forward to this so much, and I know Fallon is as well!  Maggie too!  It will be beautiful and cold…but mostly beautiful!!

No new photos right now, just an old favorite:

Road trip tomorrow! This picture is from maybe a year ago.

More to come…

3 comments so far

  1. benny55
    6:19 am - 12-14-2017

    That picture is adorable!! Love the expression and he one floppy ear. She’s cery special!!
    REALLY glad to hear she’s sailing through chemo! That’s great news! 🙂

    Check out ou nutrition blog and you may find some help there. Also maybe “search” nutrition, or homecooked meals. I know we have a lot of stuff like that…just dont know how to tell you how to find ti!

    Love great updates like this…keep em coming!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. benny55
    6:20 am - 12-14-2017


  3. paws120
    1:21 pm - 12-14-2017

    You GO FALLON! She’s rockin’ this like a champ. I am glad you are all getting to go to one of your fav places, you ALL need this downtime 🙂 Like Sally said… PICTURES!! WE NEED PICTURES!!!
    Love and hugs to all,

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