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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Mar 14

This week is Fallon’s oncology appointment!  They *should* have had the Aratana osteosarcoma vaccine in at the VCC, but I called to confirm, and due to the weather, the site visit was moved to March 28.  But we’re going Thursday anyway—Fallon is due for x-rays.  I have a good amount of trepidation, mixed in with excitement about possibilities with the vaccine.  And this postponement gives us a couple of more weeks to save up for the huge cost.


So I’m somewhat terrified of what they might find in the x-rays.  Is it even worth knowing?  Things are going pretty well right now.  I suppose it could dictate next steps.  And we need good x-rays to be eligible for the vaccine.  So we’re all in!

These two are best friends

Maggie, Fallon and I are going down to the VCC alone this time—more anxiety, as this could be a big decision-making appointment and I’d love Paul’s input—and ears, I get things wrong all the time.  A colleague at his work is away and he could not take the day off.  We’ve known awhile, I just have to get used to the concept.  At our last appointment, Maggie got bit in the lip by another dog.  The dog’s owner and the hospital could not have been more apologetic, and they treated Maggie for free, and gifted us some antibiotics, and all is well—but that was with 2 people trying to manage.  Nonetheless—I got this.


Cooking is going awesome, once I get past the bitterness and anger of having to do it (FU cancer) and then cleaning up is horrible—but I am getting more and more efficient, the girls LOVE it, and I am positive it is a benefit.

Being OCD helps and hurts

I have expanded into cooking treats as well!!  I call them Bird Balls, otherwise known as Meat Treats—basically chicken and rice meatballs.  Very labor-intensive, but hella healthy for the girls and better than commercial treats.  Paul even tasted them-bland, but good!  I make everything now in the biggest quantity I can, and freeze what I have room for.  I never did connect with the dietary department at Cornell for a consult so we’re still flying semi blind in terms of amounts to feed and a balanced diet…but so far, so good in terms of medical checkups and Fallon’s weight, so I’ll try to hold off as we can use that money to push toward the Aratana vaccine.  We also stopped rehab—for now.  We are prioritizing the vaccine cost.


We have Dewey Beach vacation coming up!! Possibly (assuming she is eligible) we can get the vaccine into Fallon the week we go.  I’ll barely work that week.  It could wait until after, but I want Fallon to receive it as soon as possible.  Outcomes are so OUTSTANDING in the trials that I don’t want to wait.  It’s still a little far off—23 days—but the weather looks spectacular…and we all need a vacation again desperately!

Back in the days of 4 legs at Dewey Beach. Fallon LOVES her Dad.

2 comments so far

  1. rikntracy
    3:26 am - 3-14-2018

    Paws crossed for you and Fallon! I hope those lungs are clear and that vaccine does what we all REALLY REALLY want it to do!

    Tracy & Warrior Angel Zatoichi

  2. jerry
    5:23 pm - 3-14-2018

    OOoooooh we are all sending lots of love for clean x-rays and a green light for the trial.

    Two weeks ago we got to be there at an appointment for another Grey who received the vaccine at a clinic in Vegas. We’ll share Bowie’s story in the news blog real soon, stay tuned.

    You have DEFINITELY got this, lady. Between the cooking and the new protocols for managing Fallon’s cancer, you are juggling things like a pro. Things are good right now, enjoy!

    P.S. we’d love to see a recipe for those meatballs!

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