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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Feb 16

Fallon is a chemotherapy graduate!  She completed her course of carboplatin on the day before Valentine’s Day.  I could not have been more proud of her!  She seems to feel really good.  We go back for full body x-rays in 4 weeks.  I am pretty nervous about these.  I almost don’t want to know.

Good job, girl!!

Good news finally on the Aratana Osteosarcoma vaccine!  The site visit for the Veterinary Cancer Center is in 3 weeks, then they can procure the vaccine.  Dr. Sue told me to give a call a few days before our appointment in 4 weeks, just to be sure they have the vaccine.  If not, we’ll bump the appointment out a few days so they can get it.


Changing gears—here and in my focus…


I spend a lot of time troubleshooting, working to make things better.  I’ll read and re-read websites and the Dog Cancer Survival Guide to see what I’ve missed and how I can improve Fallon’s life.  I set goals—we’re going to Dewey in X days, Grapehounds in blah blah days, thesemany days left to rehab, to chemo, to the next benchmark.  I plan—what to do next and when.  Where to check next for the secret key to beating this horrible diagnosis.  I research–what’s next and when?  How do I be ready for this?  But I have been missing one big thing.  Now.


Laura commented on a recent blog of ours (thank you so much <3) and gently reminded me my focus is off a bit.


Don’t pass the time. Don’t just look for the next milestone, the next chemo, the next treatment. Every moment in the now is so, so precious. The unknowing is awful, but look into your puppers eyes, his smile, take her for walks, take breaks to be with her, give her your full attention. Allow special snuggles in bed, just sit outside (when it’s warmer), and be present. Paint pictures together, use his paws, get messy. Get dirty. Laugh together.


“Don’t count the days.  Make the days count.”  Muhammad Ali


Off to cuddle my girl.  It’s her favorite thing.


More to come…

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  1. Anne
    4:21 pm - 2-16-2018

    Laura is very wise….enjoy all the moments and the loving…. love and miss you all.

  2. jerry
    2:38 am - 2-18-2018

    You DID IT Fallon! Congratulations on this humongous milestone, what a victory and the best Valentine’s Day present EVER!!!

    “But I have been missing one big thing. Now.”

    You said it, you own it, you are a rock star. Yes, this is exactly why it’s so important to catch yourself before you fall down that slippery slope of “researching” and trying to figure out what to do next. Fallon doesn’t want you on that computer or with your nose in a book, she wants you there with her, having fun like the old days. And that is the best medicine there is!

    We’re so excited that she’ll get to have the vaccine. This is such wonderful news for all Tripawds like her, and we look forward to the first reports about how it goes with Dr. Sue. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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