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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Sep 02

Fallon turned 12 years old this week!!!  We wanted to celebrate hard, because honestly last Fall we weren’t sure we’d ever see this day.  We’ve been through some ups and downs this week—more ups, thankfully!!

Fallon’s 12th Birthday!! 8/29/2018

We saw Dr. Sue at the Veterinary Cancer Center on Tuesday.  We’re on an every two month schedule now.  Tuesday it was really hot—like Africa hot.  Once we got there, Fallon went in for her x-rays and blood work, and was delivered right back to Maggie and me (Paul had to work).  They put us in a little exam room rather than the bigger waiting room.  Fallon historically gets a little bent out of shape at any doctor appointment, but she was in really rough shape—panting tons, temperature rising, drooling, and making a wheezy sound.  It was really scary, I couldn’t calm her down.  Dr. Sue took her back again to the treatment area to give her oxygen and IV fluids, and cool her with wet towels, as her temp rose to 106.  I was in tears, really scared for my girl.  Thankfully, it wasn’t long before Michelle came back to tell us Fallon was getting better, things were improving. (!!!)  I called our home vet, Sand Creek Vet to get Fallon an appointment for the next day so they could check her out also.  Fallon was doing well enough to go home (thankfully—the emergency vet was discussed), so we drove home. She did fine in the car, then once we were home all was normal—she laid down in her favorite spot and ate tons of treats, everything we gave her.

Next day, Wednesday, Fallon’s birthday (!!!) we saw Dr. McDaniel at Sand Creek Vet and his feeling was that Fallon had some bad anxiety episode.  He prescribed Trazodone for before scary things like doctor appointments.  Fallon was her normal amount of pant-y while there, nothing extreme like the day before.  We got home, and received a call from the Veterinary Cancer Center—just checking in to see how Fallon was doing, but also calling to say FALLON’S X-RAYS WERE CLEAR AND BLOOD WORK NORMAL.  OMG.  OMG.  OMG.  Such greyt birthday news!!!  I always fret over the x-rays, have even considered not getting them, but ultimately, I think knowing, good or bad, is better than not.  Maybe some day I will change.

As it was so freakin’ hot and Fallon was so overheated the prior day, we decided to go a little more low key on the birthday and spread the celebration over several days.  We had birthday cookies, turkey wings, liver treats and meat circles, jerky’s still cooking so we have that to look forward to.  Fallon would always choose food as a birthday present, so we went heavy on that.

Meat circles and Liver Cakes 

Big Turkey Wing

More Turkey Wing

Birthday Cookie

Delicious Birthday Cookie

We gave Fallon a Big Barker Bed!!!  She’s still getting used to using it, but that will come.

We have some more big celebrations coming up.  We’re very close to Fallon’s one year Ampuversary, just a bit more than a month away!!  I am so greytful she is doing so well.  Amputation was really the right decision in Fallon’s situation, no regrets!!

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  1. paws120
    3:27 pm - 9-2-2018

    Hoppy birthday girls!!! Dawn, they look wonderful! That must have been so scary at the vets, meltdown material for sure. Fallon always looks cool as a cucumber, I did not know she got very anxious.
    Maggie girlie.. your eyes melt me.
    I am so glad you were able to have such a nice pawty, and spreading it over several days… even MORE fun!
    Lots of love and hugs to all of you 💖💖💖

  2. benny55
    1:15 am - 9-3-2018

    PAWTY ON SWEET FALLON!!! We love celebrating with you! All your birthday goodies make us want to pack up our bags and chow down with you!

    Maggie sure is enjoying partying too!. Such a beauty.


    And now we have more partying to do for the GREYT AMPUVERSARY PAWTY!!

    Love and hugs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. hester
    1:55 am - 9-3-2018

    I am so delighted for both the happy milestone of Fallon’s 12th birthday, and the great news you have received. Happy, happy hoppy birthday, beautiful girl!


  4. dobemom
    2:10 am - 9-3-2018

    Happy Birthday sweet Fallon! Amazing milestone for sure. I remember waiting anxiously for Nitro’s first birthday after his amp, also not sure if he’d see it, much less the next 3! So happy for you all!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  5. valkyle
    5:38 am - 9-3-2018

    Happy Birthday Fallon! So happy for your good news!

  6. tlahaye
    2:09 pm - 9-3-2018

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. Hoppy birthday big girl.

  7. benny55
    10:34 pm - 9-3-2018

    Meant to ask you how Fallon is adjusting to her bed birthday present??

    My dogs do seem to prefer the coolness of the floor during hot summer days, but then usually gravitate to the bed. Wintertime they are on it with no “floor time”. I put some blankets on it for extra snuggle time when it’s cold. Frankie likes to make a “nest” so that satisfies his bed making needs. When he tries to “dig and nest” even when there are no blankets, the cover holds up tuff as tuff can be!

  8. teri
    4:47 pm - 9-6-2018

    Hoppy Birthday Fallon! and what a great birthday present – clear x-rays and blood work! celebrate indeed!

    Those are some yummy looking treats, your mom must like you or something!
    Teri, the Roxinator and Angel Isa

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