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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Aug 04

It’s been a low key summer.  Things are still going well, fingers crossed and knock on wood.  Fallon really seems to feel greyt.  She is happy, and has lots of energy.  She has continued on the metronomic chemotherapy and is tolerating it well.  We’re only seeing Dr. Sue every other month now! We miss her, but it’s a good thing. 🙂  The girls have been loving the back yard—so much that we’ll opt out of other things we may have done in the past so they can enjoy it.  They run together, and lay in their favorite spots.

Chillin’. This is what we do most evenings!

Every night after work we go out there to just sit, or hug in the grass.  Just chillin’ and living in the moment.  It makes us all happy.

They love each others’ company

Last week, we went to Grapehounds.  It’s a greyhound event held in the Finger Lakes, which is about 4 hours from where we live.


We’ve gone for years, and last year we were talking about maybe not going, maybe trying something different.  Grapehounds doesn’t change much, the event itself is not really our cup of tea.  We spend almost no time at the central location.  It would be easy to do a lake vacation any other time, or to try something new and different.

Despite all that, our personal situation has changed.  We decided it was perfect, given our new normal.  We stay at a place overlooking Seneca Lake.  Our cottage has a nice dog walking area very close by, just a couple of steps to go in it, a huge porch, and a GORGEOUS view.  We have a few favorite dog friendly wineries, and there would not be a long walk from the car to there.

Relaxing at the pond at Hazlitt Winery

Still chillin’ at the pond

And our neighbors every year are Boomer and Chloe (and their mom and dad Eileen and Ed), and it’s wonderful to see them every year.   We met new friends, Patti, Bill and Andy, family of Ed and Eileen (and Chloe and Boomer).

from the front: Chloe, Andy (our new friend), and Boomer

It is a very hard life for greyhounds here

We kept it very low key, and spent some good, quality time at the cottage, just being more dog—laying together and looking at the lake.  It was supposed to be rainy all weekend, but really was only the first day we were there.

We took a walk to SheQuaGa Falls in Montour Falls, NY on a rainy day. So much rain made the falls wild!!

There were showers here and there, but nothing we couldn’t work around.

Fallon is so happy!!

Sunrise over Greyhound

Sunrise Over Greyhound

We cooked out a lot, Paul and I walked to Watkins Glen some evenings for dinner out while the girls chilled in the cabin.  We met some other Tripawd greyhounds at Grapehounds home base—one had a racing injury that didn’t heal properly, one also had osteosarcoma.  This greyhound, Dylan, also goes to Dr. Sue, so he is in awesome hands.

We had to cut back significantly on hiking, but Maggie and I went up to Taughannock Falls on the group walk, while Fallon and Paul socialized at the bottom.

We came home with enough wine,to keep us busy for awhile, and a lot of greyt memories.  It was a very relaxing vacation.  Next one is Dewey Beach again!!  We have been going with the girls in September (October is customary for greyhounds) as it is usually warmer, there is more activity on the beach, and restaurants are still open and rockin’.  Last year we went right before learning Fallon had osteosarcoma—she had her limp, and we were treating this with Vetprofen or something ineffective like that, with a call to the doctor and an x-ray, then bad news the day after we got home.  Things have changed TONS since then.  Fallon will be able to enjoy the beach this year!!

6 comments so far

  1. hester
    6:39 pm - 8-4-2018

    I am so glad Fallon and all of you are having a great summer! She is a greyt ambassador and warrior example of how well a grey can do post amp. Wishing continued great memory making!


  2. jerry
    8:41 pm - 8-4-2018

    What a fun thing to do! At our first Greyhounds event, we couldn’t believe how mellow everyone was. Those Greys know how to party, by getting along and not fighting! Haha. Our Wyatt Ray stuck out like a sore paw, the Shepherd that he is (and a crazy one too).

    Of course you guys had to go to the event, Fallon is such a role model, no doubt everypawdy will remember her furever and ever. What a terrific way to enjoy summer! Love the photos too.

  3. Anne
    9:39 pm - 8-4-2018

    Oh how this makes me so happy but miss you all so much at the same time. ❤️

  4. paws120
    3:40 pm - 8-5-2018

    Sounds like a wonderful time! The girls look totally pawsome, I am so happy to see those glowing happy faces 🙂
    It totally amazes me how chill they are, even in the Greyt company of others, that is so sweet!
    Love those pictures, got a big smile that is totally ear to ear!
    Hugs and lots of love,
    Jackie, Huckleberry, and the Crew 💖

  5. Hvinci
    9:01 pm - 8-5-2018

    Wonderful to hear that your summer is going well! We (and Charlie) love the pics!

    • dawn3g
      9:39 pm - 8-5-2018

      Helen and Len!!! Hope all’s well with you and Charlie, too! So great to hear from you!!

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