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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

2019 Archive

Sep 07

Rough day yesterday–It’s been a year without our girl.  Hard to believe—it’s been so slow and so painful, yet it flew right by.  And like most of our anniversaries, I dreaded the day.  Like everyone who loses their love, I miss Fallon horribly.  I will forever. A long time ago I had a dream where […]

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Jul 06

I’ve had a horrible last couple weeks, just missing my girl.  I feel such pain, staying up all night second guessing everything we did for her, decisions we made for her, wondering what bad karma I brought upon us to have to not have her.  I miss her so much.  I feel cheated. I understand […]

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Jun 24

Fallon and her Dad have always had a special bond.  I meant to post this for Father’s Day, but couldn’t pull it off. It’s easy to see how in love they are.           I can’t tell you how much we miss her.              

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Apr 02

My Girls are home. They’ve actually been home for quite a few weeks.  I expected them back around Valentine’s Day (I was going to surprise Paul) but due to the very bad snow in Seattle this winter, they were delayed a bit.  It was worth every minute of the wait. I knew right away, when […]

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Feb 17

Fallon has been gone since September.  It seems like forever.  Things are still going tenuously, sometimes OK, sometimes horrible—living without her still seems impossible, yet we’re doing it.  Nighttime is awful, I have been sleeping with headphones on, piping noise into my brain so I don’t have to listen to my thoughts. I can’t stop […]

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