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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Apr 02

My Girls are home.

They’ve actually been home for quite a few weeks.  I expected them back around Valentine’s Day (I was going to surprise Paul) but due to the very bad snow in Seattle this winter, they were delayed a bit.  It was worth every minute of the wait.

I knew right away, when I decided we were going to go with Rainbow Bridge Hearts, what my girls’ colors would be.  Fallon—red, pink and gold.  Fallon’s color has always been red—when it wasn’t pink.  As a white dog, she looks greyt in every color, but despite being drop dead gorgeous, girly pretty to me, she was often mistaken for a boy.  We suspect it was because she was a big girl (for a greyhound) and had the boxy head rather than the needle-nose.  So we often went with pink, girly collars and jackets for her.  It rarely helped.  The red probably started with a racing vest we got her to match her sister Willow’s—we bought it in an auction, and it was red.  So red stuck as her theme color.

Fallon’s Heart



Willow was without a doubt to be green, gold, and brown.  Her coat colors were red and white, but red hair is more like a golden vibe—really pretty girl, my girl.  And her racing vest was green, so we often accessorized her with green.  She looked gorgeous in green.

Willow’s Heart

Choosing the shape was not difficult.  I was drawn much more to the spheres than the hearts—don’t know why.  But both my girls are clearly hearts.  We always said Fallon has nothing but love in her heart.  Can’t put a sphere on that.  And Willow had a heart on her back.

Willow’s Real Heart

No lie, so no choice to be made there, either.  Plus Paul was a fan of the heart shape.  Not a tough choice at all to make.

Rainbow Bridge Hearts was a dream to work with.  They hold your hand every step of the way so you know what to expect—they made it super easy.  You contact them, they mail you a kit with explicit instructions and everything you need.   They emailed us to confirm our girls arrived.  When their creation day was delayed, they also kept us in the loop, and assured us our girls were tucked safely in a warm, dry safe.  It was like they were on an extended visit with our new friends Rich and Erin.  They really understand how important this is, how sending your loves away in the mail in a metal box inside a cardboard box is rough, and how much out pets really, really mean to us.  Their compassion was really evident.  When the girls were on the way home, we knew it.  And the final result for both is breathtaking.  We also got the lighted stand for both because it just seemed like it would be really cool.  We were correct.

Most who read this blog may know *of* Willow—let me tell you more.

I met Willow at a rough time in my life.  Paul and I were living separately at the time.  I was looking for a dog and got semi-serious about a Jack Russell Terrier, and even more so about a big dark boy named Toad, a giant sized mix breed boy.  I never really chose Toad, but his adoption group felt he needed to live with a woman, so they chose me, told me we were perfect for each other.  I went through the home visit and we got along fine, but it didn’t feel 100%.  However, I *wanted* to love him.  I decided to see him again at an adoption clinic the next weekend—and did.  Same.  Paul visited with me and right after that, he asked “Where are the greyhounds today?”

I fell in love with Willow online that summer, but she disappeared—she was adopted before I could meet her.  Weeks later, in the Fall, I met Toad, then went to the greyhound adoption clinic at Paul’s urging, and Willow was there.  I immediately recognized her, she is a unique beauty.   Turns out she was adopted and returned—she got stuck in a kitty door while pursuing a cat.  The door needed to be removed to free her.  Shortest adoption/return turnaround on record, per our greyhound group president, the stuff legends are made of.  Things happen for a reason.  She was meant to be my girl.

The Day We Met

Those who knew her would say Willow had a unique personality, especially for the normally laid-back, aloof greyhound breed..  She was the ultimate self-centered, drama queen.  She would hold her paw up when we took a walk, and I was supposed to—clean it, I guess.  I frequently never saw anything on or in her pads.  Our doctor could not find an issue.  Nonetheless, I was happy being her slave, I would give it a little massage and we’d proceed.  She could not move if the leash got between her legs, she would freeze and I would be expected to fix it.  Of course I would, I waited on her hand and foot.  She was my girl.

Willow and Mom

She always seemed happy to see the greyhounds when we’d visit her old group, and she was VERY excited when I surprised her (and me) when I brought Fallon home to live with us.  They coexisted peacefully, a greyt sister-pair.



At Seneca Lake

With Paul on the Patio

Christmas Decorations

Sharing Ben and Jerry’s in P-Town

On Remote Squirrel Patrol


I am 99% sure Willow also had osteosarcoma.  We lost her when she had a horrible broken leg, just out of the blue.  Our vet did an xray and we saw how the bone had deteriorated.  She was 13, and we had to make a decision then and there.  Even if I knew as much as I know now about osteosarcoma/Tripawd life, I don’t think we would have gone the same way we did with Fallon.  99% sure, anyway.

Anyway, I digress.  My girls are home.  They are back with me.  They are beautiful, in a different way.  And while I’ll never hold them or hug them again, it gives me some level of comfort to have them here, in heart-form.  Some comfort, not all I need.

I can’t tell you how much I miss them.  No number’s big enough.

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  1. Michelle
    1:39 am - 4-3-2019

    Those hearts are very beautiful. I am glad they are back home with you. Beautiful choices for each one.

    Michelle, Angel Sassy & Angel Bosch

  2. dobemom
    1:53 am - 4-3-2019

    They ARE beautiful! I love them with the lights. I have my ring from Nitro’s ashes, but I may have to look into this too. I love the story and the pictures, both girls were beautiful.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  3. Anne
    12:24 pm - 4-3-2019

    ❤️ beautiful hearts, just like yours and Paul’s. Love and hugs to you all.

  4. jerry
    11:42 pm - 4-3-2019

    Wow, these are GORGEOUS! Dawn I am so glad they turned out so beautifully. What a lovely icon of healing, on so many levels.

    And thank you for sharing Willow’s story. What a girl! She was clearly destined to be loved by someone who would appreciate her unique talents. Pretty funny story there 🙂

    You sound good. I’m so happy to read that in your post.

    We think of Fallon all the time, and hope you know she is forever a part of the community. She worked our way into our hearts, and now, so has Willow.

    Keep in touch!

  5. benny55
    4:03 am - 4-5-2019

    Yes, we DO think about Fallon a lot! And I those thoughts we remember how devoted yiu and Paul were to her, and she to you! You made sure she always had the best times so full of joy and love and happiness❤

    And yes, thank you for letting us get to know your beautiful Willow. You did a lovely job of pay tribute to her with your heartfelt remembrances.

    The pictures you posted made my day!! Such gorgeous dogs. Clearly good buddies. Tjey definitely own the couch!!

    Now, about those beautiful,one of a kind hearts. SPECTACULAR!!! STUNNING!! The thought you and Paul put into them just warmed my heart to read. The “heart on Willow was just confirmation that she had her pawprint pf approval on them. Every single attention to detail paid off brilliantly! And it is so clear that the people at the Company REALLY cared and and put there jeart and Soul into ensuring uour wishes were carried out. Quite a team❤

    Thank you sooooo much for your post and sharing the pictures, as well as allowing us to get to know Willow more. Fallon is so proud 💖💖💖

    Love and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  6. paws120
    10:10 am - 4-5-2019

    So beautiful Dawn, just breathtaking. And hearing all of Willow’s story just make the pair perfect. I did not realize the procedure was done all online, that is so cool (and scary) at the same time. No doubt it takes some special people to have a business like that. I am so glad your experience was positive.
    And Sally is right, I don’t think there are any of us that doesn’t think of you and your family probably more than you realize. Thank you for sharing this all with us, got smiles and tears here.
    Sending all of you a big warm hug, I think of you often.

    Jackie and Huck💖

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