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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Sep 25

Bliss. Finally.

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We’re back from our beach vacation.  It couldn’t have been better—weather was wonderful, lots of dogs on the beach—it was greyt.   Dewey Beach is 24/7 dog friendly after September 15 every year, so that’s when we plan to arrive.  It did not disappoint.

I brought along some of Fallon’s ashes to spread.  Dewey was one of her favorite places on earth, and probably on the moon and heaven, too.  She loved the water and loved to run on the beach with us.  The second she hit the sand, I felt better—like she was with me, like she was happy, like she was home.  I can’t explain the joy I felt immediately and wish I had brought her along sooner.  She’ll always be a part of her favorite place now.  I also spread her sister Willow’s ashes and felt elated they were together again.

I’m not one to enjoy just sitting, even on the beach.  I always need something going on.  This vacation was different.  There were a few windy days, which we needed for a break, but most days we took our shelter and gear to the beach and just hung out.  I took my Kindle, earbuds, and balls with the throwing stick for the dogs and had all I needed to relax.  Between reading, playing with the girls, swimming in the waves, and dog watching, it was all I needed.

Danica dug holes. It’s hard to see here, but she is standing on her back legs in her super deep hole.

Crowded beach. The awesome lifeguard saved a little girl when we were there–we all applauded

That’s our silver space age structure

We went to Rehoboth Beach for dinner—walked there and took an Uber back.  Our driver was a Turkish gentleman, and he had his iPad set up to watch music videos from his country while we rode back to our hotel.  On that short ride we heard some awesome music, and I took his referral for some other good Turkish groups to check out.  Between the waves crashing on the beach, the mesmerizing Turkish pop music, two dogs to cuddle and have fun with, and the feeling my Girl Fallon was by my side…oh gosh.  I haven’t felt that at peace in a while.

We’re back in the real world again now, but I’m still trying to hang onto that feeling—that paradise.  My Girl is always with me.

Sep 07

Rough day yesterday–It’s been a year without our girl.  Hard to believe—it’s been so slow and so painful, yet it flew right by.  And like most of our anniversaries, I dreaded the day.  Like everyone who loses their love, I miss Fallon horribly.  I will forever.

A long time ago I had a dream where she came to me.  I could feel her soft coat and her warmth, it was so real.  We cuddled and spooned and hugged all night, just like the good old days.  I keep waiting for that to happen again, but it hasn’t yet.

Danica has been a comfort.  She is intuitive about my feelings and seems to know when I need a cuddle.  Her timing is impeccable, she knows exactly when I need company, a kiss, a smile.  She looks me straight in the eyes, just like Fallon, and I feel her in my soul.  I have no doubt she somehow has a bit of Fallon’s spirit in her.  And Maggie’s still Maggie—wonderful, loving, affectionate.   Always my girl and support.  And she also seems more Fallon-esque as time goes by.  She had an amazing role model.

These girls are really in love.

We’re going to Dewey Beach next week.  It’s always been a favorite place of ours, especially Fallon.  We’re taking some of her ashes to put on the beach.  It’s definitely one of her two best loved places, our yard being the other.  Maggie and Danica also love the beach, just like Fallon.  They’ll run and play just like she would back in the day.

We just got a new car that Fallon would love—low to the ground so she could come and go easily, and lots of room in the back for a long car ride.  Not as much room for greyhound magnets on this one.  It will be good as our girls get older.

We were on our way to Myrtle Beach last year when Fallon got so sick.  It was the first time in the almost year we dealt with her illness that I felt really confident—like we had this.  Obviously, we did not.  We did not make it this year either despite planning to go because of Hurricane Dorian.  I was good with it, though.  We reworked our plans and went to Niagara Falls instead—another place we love to go, and have been so much that planning is done without much thought.

We took tons of pictures that are just like this, but different beautiful backgrounds.

They are good sports

Some things have changed.  I stopped cooking them breakfast a while ago—I am lazy.  They’re back on good quality kibble.   But I keep up with making healthy treats.

I’ll always second guess the things we did for Fallon, decisions we made, approaches we took.  I frequently think about how we would handle it if another one of our girls had osteosarcoma.  I don’t think I’ll know until it happens.  If nothing else, I have a clue now, whereas we had none before.  Tripawds helped us figure out our path, and I’ll always be grateful.  It’s hard to visit, but we do check in now and then.  I do read blogs that catch my eye and scan the forums on occasion.  I wish I could be more support to others in our shoes.  Maybe someday.

Jul 06

Paradigm of Grief

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I’ve had a horrible last couple weeks, just missing my girl.  I feel such pain, staying up all night second guessing everything we did for her, decisions we made for her, wondering what bad karma I brought upon us to have to not have her.  I miss her so much.  I feel cheated.

I understand this is unreasonable, just can’t clear my head of it.

I ran across some tweets regarding grief that just explained it so well.  It’s good to know others struggle the same way (you know what I mean) .  This is a really elegant explanation:


My ball is huge now–or maybe it shrank, but is stuck over the pain button.  I am trying to make it move soon.

Our wheels

Jun 24

Late for Father’s Day

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Fallon and her Dad have always had a special bond.  I meant to post this for Father’s Day, but couldn’t pull it off.

It’s easy to see how in love they are.


One of the best Dewey Beach pics of all time. Fallon loved the beach.  This is before cancer


Same beach, same sentiment…AA, after amputation


Dad – Paul, and Fallon.  On a beautiful day in the yard.


Same seat as above–with Willow, back in the day.


We trusted Fallon more than Maggie.  Fallon always stuck close

I can’t tell you how much we miss her.








Apr 02

Rainbow Bridge Hearts

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My Girls are home.

They’ve actually been home for quite a few weeks.  I expected them back around Valentine’s Day (I was going to surprise Paul) but due to the very bad snow in Seattle this winter, they were delayed a bit.  It was worth every minute of the wait.

I knew right away, when I decided we were going to go with Rainbow Bridge Hearts, what my girls’ colors would be.  Fallon—red, pink and gold.  Fallon’s color has always been red—when it wasn’t pink.  As a white dog, she looks greyt in every color, but despite being drop dead gorgeous, girly pretty to me, she was often mistaken for a boy.  We suspect it was because she was a big girl (for a greyhound) and had the boxy head rather than the needle-nose.  So we often went with pink, girly collars and jackets for her.  It rarely helped.  The red probably started with a racing vest we got her to match her sister Willow’s—we bought it in an auction, and it was red.  So red stuck as her theme color.

Fallon’s Heart



Willow was without a doubt to be green, gold, and brown.  Her coat colors were red and white, but red hair is more like a golden vibe—really pretty girl, my girl.  And her racing vest was green, so we often accessorized her with green.  She looked gorgeous in green.

Willow’s Heart

Choosing the shape was not difficult.  I was drawn much more to the spheres than the hearts—don’t know why.  But both my girls are clearly hearts.  We always said Fallon has nothing but love in her heart.  Can’t put a sphere on that.  And Willow had a heart on her back.

Willow’s Real Heart

No lie, so no choice to be made there, either.  Plus Paul was a fan of the heart shape.  Not a tough choice at all to make.

Rainbow Bridge Hearts was a dream to work with.  They hold your hand every step of the way so you know what to expect—they made it super easy.  You contact them, they mail you a kit with explicit instructions and everything you need.   They emailed us to confirm our girls arrived.  When their creation day was delayed, they also kept us in the loop, and assured us our girls were tucked safely in a warm, dry safe.  It was like they were on an extended visit with our new friends Rich and Erin.  They really understand how important this is, how sending your loves away in the mail in a metal box inside a cardboard box is rough, and how much out pets really, really mean to us.  Their compassion was really evident.  When the girls were on the way home, we knew it.  And the final result for both is breathtaking.  We also got the lighted stand for both because it just seemed like it would be really cool.  We were correct.

Most who read this blog may know *of* Willow—let me tell you more.

I met Willow at a rough time in my life.  Paul and I were living separately at the time.  I was looking for a dog and got semi-serious about a Jack Russell Terrier, and even more so about a big dark boy named Toad, a giant sized mix breed boy.  I never really chose Toad, but his adoption group felt he needed to live with a woman, so they chose me, told me we were perfect for each other.  I went through the home visit and we got along fine, but it didn’t feel 100%.  However, I *wanted* to love him.  I decided to see him again at an adoption clinic the next weekend—and did.  Same.  Paul visited with me and right after that, he asked “Where are the greyhounds today?”

I fell in love with Willow online that summer, but she disappeared—she was adopted before I could meet her.  Weeks later, in the Fall, I met Toad, then went to the greyhound adoption clinic at Paul’s urging, and Willow was there.  I immediately recognized her, she is a unique beauty.   Turns out she was adopted and returned—she got stuck in a kitty door while pursuing a cat.  The door needed to be removed to free her.  Shortest adoption/return turnaround on record, per our greyhound group president, the stuff legends are made of.  Things happen for a reason.  She was meant to be my girl.

The Day We Met

Those who knew her would say Willow had a unique personality, especially for the normally laid-back, aloof greyhound breed..  She was the ultimate self-centered, drama queen.  She would hold her paw up when we took a walk, and I was supposed to—clean it, I guess.  I frequently never saw anything on or in her pads.  Our doctor could not find an issue.  Nonetheless, I was happy being her slave, I would give it a little massage and we’d proceed.  She could not move if the leash got between her legs, she would freeze and I would be expected to fix it.  Of course I would, I waited on her hand and foot.  She was my girl.

Willow and Mom

She always seemed happy to see the greyhounds when we’d visit her old group, and she was VERY excited when I surprised her (and me) when I brought Fallon home to live with us.  They coexisted peacefully, a greyt sister-pair.



At Seneca Lake

With Paul on the Patio

Christmas Decorations

Sharing Ben and Jerry’s in P-Town

On Remote Squirrel Patrol


I am 99% sure Willow also had osteosarcoma.  We lost her when she had a horrible broken leg, just out of the blue.  Our vet did an xray and we saw how the bone had deteriorated.  She was 13, and we had to make a decision then and there.  Even if I knew as much as I know now about osteosarcoma/Tripawd life, I don’t think we would have gone the same way we did with Fallon.  99% sure, anyway.

Anyway, I digress.  My girls are home.  They are back with me.  They are beautiful, in a different way.  And while I’ll never hold them or hug them again, it gives me some level of comfort to have them here, in heart-form.  Some comfort, not all I need.

I can’t tell you how much I miss them.  No number’s big enough.