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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

October, 2017 Archive

Oct 31

One chemo down—everything went well.   It was a very long day.  The Veterinary Cancer Center is close to 3 hours from home, but there were not many oncologists closer than that, and I really wanted the best for Fallon.  If we’re doing this, might as well do it right, I heard so much positive […]

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Oct 29

Fallon is doing OK, she’s just being a dog all day long.  She’s got some struggles, her right front leg is still swollen, we’re treating that.  We debate whether she is sleeping well or not.  But she’s going about her Fallon day and business as usual—the new normal day and business. I, on the other […]

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Oct 28

I don’t know why I feel so upset.  We knew this was the most likely diagnosis going into all this, I’ve been describing it  that way since the beginning, but our doctor just called to discuss the biopsy results, which confirmed osteosarcoma.  “Discuss” is all relative, because there’s really little to say–it sucks.  But he […]

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Oct 27

I wake up at 6AM and take the dogs out every morning.  This morning, Fallon did not want to walk, she planted herself and wouldn’t move initially.  Eventually, she moved, and got to the top of the stairs, and I helped her down with her harness—which always happens in our new normal, only she didn’t […]

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Oct 24

Things went very well at the follow up visit to the surgeon.  Fallon didn’t seem nervous as we went in, and that was a very good omen.  She historically gets super shaky at the vet.  She was cool with it today. Fallon went off to get her stitches removed, while her Dad and I went […]

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