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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Dec 20

We were lucky, our rehab had a cancellation so we were able to get in for a full appointment yesterday.  The original plan was to go briefly today to get the orientation on Fallon’s new Therapaw custom carpal support.  Instead, we got the orientation AND the underwater treadmill for Fallon.  We were thrilled, as the next time we could go would be the second week of January, due to a conflict with the chemotherapy appointment (Fallon has a very active social life these days).


We met the new brace.  It’s very nice, well made, looks soft and comfy, while supportive, and should not be hard to put on, Fallon just prefers that it be off.  Once it is on, Fallon moves around like a show pony, lifting her front leg (the only one there) unnaturally high, kind of kicking it out.  She launched while in it at the rehab office and kicked right into the water dish, which went flying.  We are memorable everywhere we go.  It will take some time for her to get used to it, so for now we made a plan to put it on for maybe 15 minutes, maybe one time a day, to increase to more frequently as she gets more comfortable with it.


Then it was time for the treadmill.  Fallon was still a little frazzled, but she calmed down quickly.  She really seems to enjoy the treadmill, and worked really hard when in there.  She tripled her duration from her last try, and there was really no learning curve, like the last time, she just hopped right along with no problem.  I think she could have done more, but it can be deceptively tiring, so being prudent with the duration increases makes sense.  We were eager to see if it still made her energetic when we got home, as it did the last time.  It presented differently, she was wide awake and engaged, looked really happy, but was not tearing around the house as she did after the first session.  Of course, it was a longer, more intense session and she may have been pooped.  But she seems to enjoy it so much, so we want to continue.  Now is not a time for spending extra money, but there’s so much good that comes from this, it’s money well spent.  We’ll go back January 9.

I have a bead on the direction of the diet change, and hope to start this weekend.  There’s so much information out there that it’s confusing, so for now, have found some information on the K9 Medicinals page (where the delicious immunity treats come from!) It has some direction about raw meat patties that looks like I can handle, and The Dog Cancer Survival Guide also has something I can generally work with in terms of a recipe to follow.  She will continue on her 4 Health Grain Free kibble until I can figure out the next best step there, but I’ll start implementing the meat patties or some better food base mixture soon.  I suppose this includes Maggie as well.  I think I have to get a food processor.  Sigh.  I will watch for sales, there are tons now!


We hope it will be a quiet, uneventful week.  Paul and I are both off until January 3 after this week, so lots of Fallon and Maggie cuddling time is in our future!!  Our next Chemotherapy is January 2, so our time off is extended until then.


Merry Christmas, and thank you so much for all your support.  I don’t know what we’d do without friends.


More to come…

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  1. Huckleberry
    8:04 pm - 12-20-2017

    She is always such a joy to watch. So graceful, I would have loved to see the launch though hahahah ! Merry Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful peaceful howliday !!


  2. jerry
    5:45 pm - 12-24-2017

    Yaaay for rehab! It’s great seeing her handle the treadmill so well. In time she’ll get used to her new brace, she’s such a good girl. More yummy treats should do it!

    As for food processors…yeah they do come in handy when making your own dog food. A pressure cooker is another handy one too. Good thing there are definitely tons of deals right now. Let us know how the food turns out.

    How lovely that you all get to spend Christmas together, may it be the best ever. From all of us, have a hoppy pawliday!

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