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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Apr 12

Today was Fallon’s six month ampuversary!!  I can’t believe how far we’ve come, and can’t figure out if this feels like a long time or a short time, because I can barely remember life before Fallon’s diagnosis, yet we’ve made, and continue to make so many changes that it’s flying by.


She is thriving.  She is excelling.  She is rockin’ this.  It hurts me to think of the pain she was in before the amputation.  After seeing the x-ray for the first time a little more than six months ago, I know we’re lucky that bone didn’t break.  I can’t imagine how she must have felt.  Or else I can, and I beat myself up for not knowing.

Smiling in the yard, which needs raking.

We have zero regrets.  Somehow, we’ve ended up in the right places to make this work.  The amputation was the roughest decision, chemo just made sense afterward, and other approaches we’ve taken have fallen into place just by learning everything we possibly could about how to support one of God’s most perfect creatures through this most devastating illness.


I’ve written here about next treatment steps I’ve been hoping for Fallon, and we’re there, too…we start the new extended trial for the vaccine specific to Fallon’s diagnosis next week—and we signed an agreement as part of the contract we signed to participate that we would not share details on social media.  But know we’re where I have been aiming.  I will say no more.


Insure your pets.  I’m serious.


More to come…

5 comments so far

  1. paws120
    1:46 am - 4-12-2018

    Omd you have just excelled in leaps and bounds! Please have no doubt that your love is a part of this success also. You have worked like a dog, pun intended, to give your girl the best of everything.
    Happy ampuversary Fallon! Love you guys ❤️❤️
    Jackie and Huck ❤️

  2. benny55
    2:03 am - 4-12-2018

    to each other😉

    YES, it is hard to remember the times before the diagnosis. This is such an intense time where our love and devotion accelerate off the charts at a rapid pace.

    And you are doing an EXCELLENT job of staying fully present in the moment. Long time….short time….all blends into the NOW seamlessly

    Thanks for letting us celebrate this great MILESTONE with you!! We love reasons to celebrate around here😁

    Ice cream and cake and extra hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    PS Paws crossed some support comes in on the GoFund page.

  3. benny55
    2:06 am - 4-12-2018

    Okay….im using a fill-in tavlet and having a ruff time posting stuff. Things disappear…likenthe first part of my post


  4. tricycle
    1:41 pm - 4-12-2018

    Happy six months, Fallon!

    Our greyhound will become a tripawd tomorrow. Hoping she has the same greyt success you have had.

    • dawn3g
      1:50 pm - 4-12-2018

      We will keep you in our thoughts and send positive energy. It was a rough day, and a challenging bit of time following, but was the right decision for us. We’ll be looking for updates, please keep us posted!!
      Dawn and Fallon <3

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