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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Apr 07

Another greyt day!!  It was a bit windier, not too many people and their dogs on the beach, but we still had a wonderful time.

Check out my family–melts my heart <3

2 of my loves

Fallon is pretty good about pacing herself, and was happy to cuddle with Dad while Maggie and I walked the beach.  It was honestly a bit too windy to be 100% perfect–maybe it was 95% perfect.  We all loved it.

Hurry, Mom!  Amuse me.

We found ourselves farther down the beach than I wanted.  Fallon was a trooper and happily hopped back.

Then we took a short rest, and attended a greyhound party!

Fallon’s hard to see, she’s working the crowd. Maggie is chillin’ on a mat near me.

One more full day–it’s supposed to be cold, but a cold day at the beach is better than most days at home!!

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  1. benny55
    2:02 am - 4-7-2018

    Yes indeedy, a windy day at the beach or a cold day at the beach is still a day in Pardise!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m sorry for da’ hoomans that the weather wasn’t a liitle better, but clearly is was perfect as far as Maggie and Fallon are concerned!!!

    These pictures are such saceed treasures. And the beach and tge sea are just beautiful!!! The video of Fallon yesterday with the eutiful blue ocean and sun reflecting on it was just stunning!!

    And yes, I see Fallon working the crowd! No doubt she was the Star of the show!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s vacay pictures!-:-)

    Hugs and sweet dreams!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Anne
    10:27 am - 4-7-2018

    This ….warms my heart. Love that you are all relaxed and loving your family beach time. ❤️

  3. tlahaye
    3:40 pm - 4-7-2018

    Casey started on the vaccine yesterday. We are seriously thinking whether he will continue in the study, primarily due to cost, but one aspect of his participation is that I can’t discuss it on social media. Not sure what I can and can’t say, but know that there are side effects.

    One thing I can say is that study participants cannot be on metronomic therapy taking any other chemotherapy drugs. It makes sense. One aspect of Cytoxan is that it is an immunosuppressant, and the vaccine is trying to stimulate the immune system. Casey does continue to take Rimadyl.

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