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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Jun 16

Maggie’s 6th birthday was yesterday.  We celebrated with yard time and special treats.  We made a fire and cooked s’mores for the two leggers.  The other seven legs had special birthday treats.

I made Meg’s Liver Cake treats, which was in the Tripawds Nutrition Blog.  They came out greyt, and the girls really, really, really enjoyed the Meg-a-Cakes SO MUCH.

“You’re not going anywhere until we get more.”

Mmmm. Brownies?

The final product–Meg-a-Cake Liver Treats

I also provided Treatballs (AKA Meat Treats or Bird Balls), which are the treat I make them all the time—basically the leftover ingredients from the Dog Cancer Diet (chicken usually, brown rice, veggies plus eggs and garlic), cooked in meatball form.

Willow was Fallon’s first sister.  We had Willow for a long time before we adopted Fallon, and they coexisted well.  Willow marched to her own drummer and she had a bit of a…unique personality, that’s what made her so Willow.

We loved her for it.  However, Fallon and Willow didn’t seem to be tight friends at all.  They got along, they did things together, but we didn’t see friendship.

When Willow died, we were all devastated.  Eventually Paul and I picked up the pieces and went on with our lives—but Fallon did not, she changed.  She was clingy.  She would cry when we left the house, and try to barge out the door with us.  She seemed depressed, and wasn’t improving.  It was surprising, as they didn’t seem that close.  As much as Paul and I were not ready to adopt another dog, it was clear Fallon needed a sibling.  We started going to adoption clinics.  Our group president, Paula, said she had the perfect dog for us—Maggie.  She was so right.

Maggie and Fallon are best friends.  They cuddle and can be close.  They play together.  After Fallon’s amputation, Maggie helped her stay active.  She pushes Fallon to a point, but never too far.  She helps Fallon feel comfortable when she is doing things she doesn’t want to do, like doctor’s appointments.

Maggie is always the cheerleader.

Maggie – Fallon’s sister

I am positive that so much of the success we’ve had with Fallon is that Maggie is part of the team.  Happy birthday, little girl <3.

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  1. Helen Vinci
    3:08 pm - 6-16-2018

    Happy Birthday Maggie! Fallon looks ready for her “un-birthday” present too! Great pictures! Hi from Charlie (Golden Retriever – we met at VCC)!
    Helen and Len

    • dawn3g
      4:31 pm - 6-16-2018

      Great to hear from you, Helen and Len, and thanks for the birthday greetings!! Hope Charlie is doing well! Maybe we’ll see you at VCC Tuesday–although we have a short day there this time, just the study follow up!!

  2. jerry
    11:03 pm - 6-16-2018

    Awww here’s to Maggie! Hoppy Happy Birthday gorgeous! Clearly, you were meant to be with Fallon and your humans, the stars aligned to bring you together and create a very special bond. What a treasure.

    Love how the treats came out, they look soooo good. Thank you for making them and letting us know, we are excited to read that the goodies were part of this very special celebration.

  3. Anne
    2:01 am - 6-17-2018

    She’s the perfect beautiful little sister…. she is what you all needed.

  4. paws120
    3:54 pm - 6-17-2018

    Happy birthday Maggie!! Such a beautiful girl 🙂 I love the bond that they have. Sometimes even when you are not planning on an addition, everything falls into a special place and you realize it was meant to be. I know Fallon has gotten wonderful support from her sister, they are just perfect together.
    (((hugs))) to all of you and lots of love!
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  5. benny55
    1:57 am - 6-18-2018

    Thanks for inviting us to the pawty! Your liver cake looks so yummy! And then you get meatballs for dessert….mixed in with scoop of ice cream of course! Drool time!

    I love that Willow brought you and Fallon together ❤ So sweet,

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. Thanks for sharing these pictures from your family album. A very happy good looking pack.

  6. Michelle
    8:11 pm - 6-18-2018

    Happy Birthday Maggie. Glad you shared the birthday party with us and that they loved Meg’s liver cake.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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