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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Feb 17

Fallon has been gone since September.  It seems like forever.  Things are still going tenuously, sometimes OK, sometimes horrible—living without her still seems impossible, yet we’re doing it.  Nighttime is awful, I have been sleeping with headphones on, piping noise into my brain so I don’t have to listen to my thoughts. I can’t stop […]

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Dec 17

I can’t convey how difficult the past 3 months have been.  Life without Fallon on earth has been quite a transition—as has been life on earth without Fallon.  I still feel a good amount of pain.  There have been tons of challenges, and I have been facing each one with a “fake it ‘til you […]

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Oct 29

Fallon is doing OK, she’s just being a dog all day long.  She’s got some struggles, her right front leg is still swollen, we’re treating that.  We debate whether she is sleeping well or not.  But she’s going about her Fallon day and business as usual—the new normal day and business. I, on the other […]

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Oct 02

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