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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

2018 Archive

Apr 05

We got to Dewey Beach yesterday, but it was rainy when we arrived, so we didn’t make it to the beach.  Today is a GREYT day for the beach, sunny, but a bit cool. Paul carried Fallon a lot of the way there.  It’s only a block from our hotel, but we wanted her to […]

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Apr 01

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Mar 27

Six months ago was one of the most difficult days we’ve had to get through—the day of my best friend Fallon’s x-ray revealing her osteosarcoma.  There were tons of tears, constant research, lots of conversations with anyone with some level of knowledge/experience who would talk to us, lots of drinking…Six months ago I would have […]

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Mar 14

This week is Fallon’s oncology appointment!  They *should* have had the Aratana osteosarcoma vaccine in at the VCC, but I called to confirm, and due to the weather, the site visit was moved to March 28.  But we’re going Thursday anyway—Fallon is due for x-rays.  I have a good amount of trepidation, mixed in with […]

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Feb 16

Fallon is a chemotherapy graduate!  She completed her course of carboplatin on the day before Valentine’s Day.  I could not have been more proud of her!  She seems to feel really good.  We go back for full body x-rays in 4 weeks.  I am pretty nervous about these.  I almost don’t want to know. Good […]

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