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Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Fallon #greyhound #osteosarcoma #amputation

Nothing But Love in Her Heart

Maybe Better? Maybe Home?

October 13th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Fallon’s doing better, her doctor just called.  She *might* be able to come home tonight.


We visited last night and took some tasty yogurt, scrambled eggs, and bacon  She ate some yogurt and some eggs, no bacon (I would have prioritized differently), and seemed more relaxed.


When the doctor called tonight, he mentioned that had continued through the night, she was continuing to eat a little and was more comfy.  She has significant bruising (greyhounds are delicate creatures), and her incision is weeping a bit.  They wrapped her chest differently to give it more pressure.


He asked how much home nursing we would be able to/want to provide.  I said we can do anything.  I just think she’ll be more comfortable here.  It would entail putting warm towels on her incision, etc.   I can do whatever.


We left it that I’d call in the early afternoon, if she continues on a positive course we might be able to bring her home this afternoon.


Fingers crossed!

Chasing kitties again soon?

More to come…

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Can’t Come Home Tonight :(

October 12th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Fallon is taking a little longer to heal.  She has been uncomfortable and whiny.  She hasn’t eaten yet.  The surgery was only a tick more than 24 hours ago, the doctor told me some dogs pop right back, some take longer.  He is not worried.  I am worried.


I visited around lunchtime today and brought 3 of Fallon’s favorite treats, but while she seemed interested, she didn’t eat them.  I did see her walk today.  They are helping her with a harness right now, as she’s a little shaky, but she did really well.  She gets up and down greyt, as long as she’s on her correct side. We just cuddled on a blanket until I had to leave.


I’m going back at 9PM and bringing bacon and scrambled eggs.  I might stop for some deli meat.  I’m trying to think of other things she loves to eat.


She might come home tomorrow.  I hope she can.  I think she’ll make great gains at home.  She needs to eat and feel more comfy first.   I miss her.

Fallon and Maggie

More to come…


Out of Surgery

October 11th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Our girl’s on 3 legs now.  Our doc just called to say the procedure went well, she’s awake, a little whiny, on lots of pain meds now.  Their plan is to wean her off IV meds and hopefully she can come home tomorrow afternoon


I can’t wait to see her and hug her.


The doctor gave us all sorts of info, but all I was hearing was she was awake and it went well.  Someone will call to check in on how she’s doing between 7 and 8pm tonight, and the doctor will see her again in the morning and call us with an update.


I can’t want to see her and hug her.


It was a rough day after dropping her off this morning.  She was the 3rd surgery today, so I knew it would be later that they called. I was a bit of a useless mess today.  Doing better now 🙂


Here’s Fallon and her dad in the yard a few years ago, both happy:

More to come…



October 10th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

The surgery is tomorrow.  We take Fallon in at 7:30am.  We drop her off, and they’ll call us when she goes into surgery, and when she comes out.  She’ll relax there overnight, and they’ll call us Thursday morning to let us know how she is, and when we can pick her up Thursday afternoon.  We don’t stay for the surgery and they’re discouraging our visiting.  I understand and agree.  She’ll get all worked up.


I couldn’t be more nervous.  Fallon is just as chill as always.


One of the last pictures with four.

Fallon 10-10-17


More to come…


And More Preparations….

October 8th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

It’s Sunday—Surgery is Wednesday.


I spent a little time looking at pictures of post-surgical incisions, just to get used to the concept.  I may not be ready, but I won’t be surprised.


I also looked at a number of videos of tripawd dogs walking.  We’ve seen tripod greyhounds at various events we attend.  I have, anyway.  Fallon’s dad doesn’t notice, and we go to all the greyhound events together.  I guess this means they don’t stand out as much as one may think they might.


Made a wise purchase—got Three Legs and a Spare and Loving Life on Three Legs—the bonus pack.  Best $20 I have spent—believe me, we have big bills coming, but this was a greyt investment.  It’s provided all sorts of practical information, as well as links to important question-answering areas of the site.   I highly recommend these.


On Monday, chicken is on sale.  There will be more jerky!!  I’ll clean the kitchen soon, it’s easier to work in.  We fed all the jerky I made already.  We’ll save this until Fallon comes home from her surgery on Thursday.  I should also get some frozen yogurt.  That’s her favorite also.


I have hockey practice tonight.  I am going to go.  I’ve been trying to avoid live people–writing is easier than talking.  But I could use the exercise and the diversion, and I can’t hole up here at home forever.  I dread people asking how Fallon is.  I know they care.  I want them to know.  But I’m afraid I will cry.


It’s a little bittersweet.  We should have been at the beach this weekend, we would have been driving home today.  We canceled once Fallon’s diagnosis was solid.  This weekend there’s 2 events we (almost) never miss, a car one in Ocean City, MD and Greyhound Gathering in Dewey Beach, DE.  It’s been fun—and sad—to see all the pictures of amazing times posted on Facebook.  We’re lucky; we went with the grrrls to the beach in September—right before Fallon’s diagnosis.  She was limping at that point, so we drove to the beach rather than walk every day (our hotel is a block away).  Here is Fallon, bravely watching the other dogs have fun:

We have reservations to go back in the spring.  I envision Fallon on the beach on 3 legs, walking with us.

More to come…